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The Econogy Check – Visibility for sustainability

Many of the exhibiting companies at our international textile events increase the economic success of their organisations through their ecologically and socially responsible actions. We make these exhibitors visible in a special way.

We enable exhibiting companies to make their commitment to sustainability visible at our textile trade fairs. We make it easier for visitors to find more sustainable business partners. The basis for this is our Econogy Check and our Econogy Finder. We have summarised the most important information about our sustainability check on this page.

Econogy Finder

Our Econogy Finder gives companies, institutions and individuals whose environmentally and socially responsible actions are increasing the economic success of their organisations greater visibility and provides a platform for dialogue.

This hands-on tool provides easy orientation for visitors during our textile events around the world and lists exhibitors who have successfully undergone our Econogy Check.

A successful Econogy Check qualifies exhibitors for inclusion in the Econogy Finder. The check evaluates companies against a set of international sustainability standards in the areas of Sustainable Supply Chain, Materials and Processes as well as Strategy and Innovation.

Visitors who would like to meet more sustainable business partners at Messe Frankfurt textile events can use the Econogy Finder online and look out for the Econogy Symbol in person. This allows you to quickly and easily identify which companies have successfully passed the Econogy Check.

Exhibitors who wish to qualify for the Econogy Finder undergo the Econogy Check, a questionnaire that evaluates companies’ sustainability approaches in addition to textile seals. If a company successfully completes the Econogy Check, it qualifies for the Econogy Finder.

Sustainability standards

The check evaluates companies based on international sustainability standards in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Materials & Processes
  • Strategy & Innovation

Companies, institutions and individuals wishing to be included in the Econogy Finder must meet at least one criterion of several in two of the three areas. Appropriate evidence such as valid certificates, memberships or other documents that are internationally recognised independently of initiatives and NGOs must be submitted.

To keep the workload required as low as possible, we use existing standards, certificates and related documents in the areas of textiles, the environment and social justice. Participants will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Check evaluates companies against a set of international sustainability standards in the following areas:

Sustainable Supply Chain

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  • The company acts according to principles of social justice.
  • The company designs the supply chain to be transparent and traceable.
  • The company issues an annual sustainability report or publishes an external progress report based on international reporting standards.

Materials & Processes

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  • The company is using materials such as certified organic materials, lower-impact natural or man-made materials or recycled materials.
  • The company applies processes that comply with certain environmental standards.

Strategy & Innovation

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  • The company follows an overall sustainability strategy and commits to one or more of the 17 SDGs.
  • The company develops innovations related to sustainability.
  • The company carries out circularity projects or develops circular products.
  • The company has a climate strategy in place.
  • The company follows a water saving strategy.

Good to know

For the sustainable supply chain, the company can provide corresponding evidence in the form of international standards and certificates.

For materials and processes, international standards and certificates have to be provided whenever possible. There are some innovative materials that are not being certified yet. Examples are fabrics made of banana or pineapple fibres etc.

Strategy and Innovation is an open format where companies can freely present their various strategies, add reports, give examples of innovative projects and show their commitment in regard to sustainability. The disclosures must be accompanied by appropriate evidence e.g., reports, analyses, certificates or the like. We can only waive this requirement in cases involving approaches for which no recognised certification is currently available or applicable.


All checks are plausibility checks based on the information provided by the companies. On-site verifications or company visits are not part of the selection process. However, in addition we do randomly check the companies at our trade shows.

For our Econogy Check, we work together with independent sustainability experts. We currently work together with CSI Consulting Service International, an international network of sustainability consultants with strong expertise in the textile supply chain.

Companies that do not pass the Econogy Check for an event for the first time have the option of submitting further evidence depending on the objections of our sustainability jury. If these are not sufficient, the company can still exhibit at the relevant event and, if necessary, undergo the Check again at the follow-up event and when expanding its sustainability activities.