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Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq gathered once again the textile and garment industry

27 Apr 2018

The event showed the potential of the sector, its latest news and trends. 212 companies and 10.157 professional visitors participated.

The suppliers of the textile and garment industry were present in the most important fair of the sector in the country. Emitex (International Trade Fair of Suppliers for the Garment Industry), Simatex (International Trade Fair of Textile Machinery) and Confemaq (International Trade Fair of Garment Machinery), closed their doors after four days of intense activity in Costa Salguero Center of Buenos Aires.

There, 212 companies from 11 countries: 2016:  229) offered their products and services to 10.157 visitors coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States and Uruguay (2016: 9,937). The new edition, organized by Messe Frankfurt Argentina and Mundo Textil Magazine, was the platform to connect offer and demand, in a 12,000 sqm space in which technology, design and innovations were present.

Before the opening ceremony, the presentation of the exhibition network Texpertise Network was carried out by the Vice-president of Textiles and Textiles Technologies of Messe Frankfurt, Mr. Olaf Schmidt, who reviewed the more than 50 events that integrate it and highlighted the work done by Messe Frankfurt as generator of business links, by connecting experts, brands, ideas and technologies worldwide.
He also highlighted the importance of the Argentine industry in the market, as well as the opportunities that companies have by belonging to this great exhibition network in the current globalized world.

As a result of the high quality of the event and the activities developed during the four days, it was agreed that from 2020, in addition to the support of Texprocess, Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq will be sponsored by the VDMA. “Simatex and Confemaq with their offer are closely linked to our Texprocess brand which covers all aspects of the textile processing chain, from design to cutting, to sewing, knitting and embroidering, to finishing, IT and logistics”, said Schmidt. “Texprocess takes place in Frankfurt every two years and is held in parallel with Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens.
For first time, Simatex and Confemaq will be co-branded in 2020 by Texprocess to visibly incorporate the fairs into our brand portfolio”.

Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq are part of Messe Frankfurt’s textile portfolio with over 50 shows worldwide. „These three shows play an important role within our textile portfolio serving the South American and especially the Argentinian market. Due to the growing demand and investments in textile technology we will strengthen the two related shows Simatex and Confemaq by integrating both into our Texprocess Brand” said Olaf Schmidt. He added “We are very pleased that the German association ‘VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies’, our partner of the Texprocess show in Frankfurt, has confirmed its support.”

The executive was accompanied by the General Director of the German Association of Garment and Leather Industry within VDMA, Mr. Elgar Straub, who lectured on the global trends of the sector, digitalization and industry 4.0 in the added value chain. VDMA is the greatest network organization for mechanical engineering in Europe and accompanies its more than 3,200 members in global markets.

During the opening ceremony, the President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina, Fernando Gorbarán, said: “this exhibition shows the latest news of the industry at regional and global level, and we hope this to be reflected in good business deals for exhibitors and qualified visitors.”

On her part, the Manager of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, Bach. Andrea Lippi, stated in the welcome ceremony: “We are proud of carrying out this event once again, summoning the most important players of the market. We hope medium and long-term results to be positive and that business deals are closed."
The General Manager of the Argentine Federation of Clothing (FAIIA) and the Argentine Industrial Chamber of Clothing (CIAI), Bach. Alicia Hernández, also said: “We know we have to incorporate technology but we also have to add new production processes to advance and be more effective. The Argentine textile industry will go to smaller segments, more customized ones, in which design will be the key differential.”

In this sense, one of the most visited spaces within the exhibition was that of technology for digital printing and sublimation, which grew 50% compared to the previous edition. Said innovations are generating deep changes in the textile market, thus allowing the incorporation of new entrepreneurs and small business professionals.

Outstanding activities
The five pavilions of the premises showed not only the latest in machinery and services, but they were also spaces devoted to training and discussion.

Institutions such as FAIIA and CIAI together with the contribution of CAMAC, Chamber of Sewing Machine Traders, organized, for the first time in the country and for the textile industry, a live workshop of Lean Manufacturing. It is an original management system that leads to a more efficient and competitive production. Two panels were also organized, and in them outstanding clothing business professionals and economists discussed on the present and the future of the Argentine textile industry.

On the other hand, important exhibiting companies offered conferences and workshops aimed at visitors, especially those ones who seek to start an enterprise or drive a business.

Another place in which creativity and design were protagonists was Design Point, a space devoted to emerging national textile designers, in which they exhibited their designs and the tools they use in the creation process.

Social Commitment
As in every edition, Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq promote articulation spaces among companies, the State and organizations of the third sector.

In this case, a booth was allocated and a wide diffusion of “Proyecto Seda” was carried out. It is an initiative that seeks to spread sericulture in Latin America, that is to say, the production and growing of the silkworm (Bombyx Mori) - through a sustainable approach and with local value added, as an economic way out for low income producers and entrepreneurs.

Proyecto Seda is driven by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) and is financed by the European Union, through the Regional Mechanism for Cooperation and International Association. In the exhibition, it was shown the different stages of worm production and the products that can be done with the cocoon filament, which range from clothing to jewelry, hygiene supplies, medicine and cosmetics.

The main players’ word

Víctor Castielli - Director in Argentina

“We are representatives in Argentina of the sewing machines brand called Jack. The benefit of being present in Confemaq is to know the general audience, the students, the recent graduates that start to set up their workshops and projects [...] On the other hand, it is helpful to have a closest relationship with customers from the interior of the country. […] Many of them define here which type of machinery they need and where they buy it, thus it is a great space to do new business. We will take part in the next edition for sure.”

Jaume Carrera – Sales Representative for Latin America

“Emitex is a relevant exhibition for the sector of digital printing for sublimation and printing. […] Within the textile market in South America, Argentina is for us one of the most important countries after Brazil and Colombia, precisely due to the philosophy change that took place within its market, which turned over to customization of fashion, sports clothing and decoration. It is very important to be able to present these machines in Emitex, a fair attended by people from all countries of Mercosur.”   

Diego Ferradás – Vice-president in Argentina

“We have taken part in the exhibition for many years. We think it is a very important event for textile industrialists and customers, for them to be able to see the new technology that we offer and the new trends that there are in the Argentine market. This year we see a greater number of visitors and many kinds of customers – great business professionals, people that are starting, etc.- thus, we receive very interesting queries […]. Every time the exhibition ends we have a “sweet” sensation for what we experienced because we have the chance of seeing customers that maybe due to lack of time we are not able to visit during the year, people that approach us for the first time and, besides, we always leave with new customers to assist.”

Rodrigo Belolli – Commercial and Marketing Director in Argentina and Brazil INVISTA
“This is a very special year for the Lycra brand because it is celebrating 60 years, a history that has to do with the history of the textile industry […] In this sense, Emitex plays an essential role because it gathers all the textile chain and we use it to show customers all our innovations […] The Argentine market is undergoing difficulties, but if we are together, we are stronger. […] And Emitex has this factor of gathering and providing a space for us to work together, which is what we need”.  

The next edition of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, Fashion + Technology, From Yarn to Clothing, will take place on April 2020 in Costa Salguero Center of Buenos Aires, Argentina.