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Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin: Contemporary naturalness

5 Dec 2017

Back to nature. As a reaction to the daily sensory overload, excessive materialism and ubiquitous abundance, the longing for simplicity, to get back to basics and closer to nature is becoming more pronounced.

Contemporary fashion is also interpreting this need: with natural materials like alpaca wool and olive leather, as well as neutral, matt, dusty tones inspired by dried spices, fruits and teas. Calming contrasts that experiment with structures and purified colour palettes – contemporary fashion is perfectly reflecting this trend for  naturalness. Timelessness is becoming the epitome of luxury and is expressed in multifaceted knitwear and leather designs, produced in artisan workshops. Whether combined with sophisticated tailoring and knitting patterns or innovative hightech materials, the collections for autumn and winter 2018/19 strike the balance between modern and traditional, space age and idyllic nature. Modern homages to these contrasts will be showcased at the two tradeshows Greenshowroom & Ethical Fashion Show during the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week.



Clean. Minimalist. Nordic. The designs by bag and accessories label Noy are also a nod to its hometown of Hamburg. With their mix of clear shapes, reduced colour palettes and high-quality details, these wallets, glasses cases and laptop cases made of vegetable-tanned leather are elegant, understated everyday companions that are also highly fashionable. The cradle-to-cradle concept is an integral part of Noy’s company philosophy and a 100% biodegradable product group is already in the pipeline. So clean that the ecological footprint is virtually invisible.



Melancholic, free and wonderfully uncomplicated – unspoilt landscapes tell their very own stories. Stories that designer Nadja Kiess incorporates into her collections – preferably in the interplay of contrasts. Like the contrast of city and nature for example, or business and outdoor. Protecting nature and living a life in harmony with resources are matters very close to her heart. For autumn and winter 2018/19, Kiess is presenting a premium-quality collection in muted colour tones with autumnal highlights of orange and red – made in North Rhine-Westphalia.



Skilful handcraftsmanship in perfection. Since 1983, Swedish shoe label Ten Points has been offering classic design and fair production made in Portugal. From lace-up boots to Oxford shoes down to sneakers – ecological materials such as vegetable-tanned nubuck and suede paired with Swedish simplicity are the cornerstones of the brand’s identity. And their concept is really taking off: in addition to the European market, Ten Points is already represented in countries like the USA, Korea and Canada.



It was on a canyoning trip that Jana Keller discovered her fascination for knots. Creatively interpreted in leather, they went on to become the distinguishing feature of her label Royal Blush, which she had established back in 2006. The salmon skins and calfskins used to make these elegant leather knot-look accessories are a by-product of the food industry and vegetable-tanned in Germany and Italy. The collection also includes high-quality leisurewear and scarves made of the finest baby alpaca in a natural colour palette. Cosy and warm for all ages.



The urban outdoor label sees itself as part of a movement that wishes to live life in harmony with nature. Moving away from the culture of consumerism, environmental pollution and plastic. But the founders refused to forgo style and comfort and walk around wet and unfashionable. High-quality materials like a self-developed, waterproof all-weather fabric made of cotton, and a design that has been thought out right down to the very last detail leave no one out in the rain. The product portfolio is constantly growing, without ever succumbing to the pressure of seasonal collections. New to the range: sneakers, a flannel shirt and rucksack for modern urban nomads with a passion for nature.



Peru meets Holland. At first glance, Grace Huam’s birthplace and adopted country don’t have very much in common. With her label Graciela Huam, however, the designer is showing how beauty is created when cultures are merged. Peruvian folklore and Dutch minimalism come together in the label’s DNA. Creative cable knit patterns and filigree pearl embroidery meet clear shapes. The luxury knitwear garments are produced in the Andes in accordance with sustainable and ethically correct criteria. In harmony with nature. Not only alpaca wool, but also Pima cotton, the world’s finest cotton, ensure the ultimate comfort and result in pieces that look and feel good.



An affinity to nature and a feeling of freedom. For the upcoming collection, Bleed has unpacked its box of paints. Hand-painted prints like little spruce trees and mountain ranges are giving the sport and streetwear-inspired looks a nostalgic twist. At the same time, the focus remains on comfort and functionality. A fashionable ladies’ coat made of 100% recycled polyester, for example, is reinterpreting the “functional jacket”. And all Bleed fans will be happy to hear that the Bavarian label has re-released some of its popular prints and styles.

Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Sustainable fashion in the spotlight: The Green Showroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin are Europe’s largest B2B platform for green, fair-trade fashion, taking place at the Berlin Fashion Week. Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin will take place at the setting of the Kraftwerk power station in central Berlin for the first time. The Greenshowroom features high-end fashion and suitable accessories, while the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin displays street and casualwear. A diverse range of fringe events, such as shows, networking, parties, press conferences, talks and podium discussions, rounds of the three-day fair. The organiser of both events is Messe Frankfurt, which, hosting around 50 textile fairs in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, is the global market leader for textile industry trade fairs. At the same time, Messe Frankfurt is stepping up its co-operation with Premium Group as part of #Fashiontech, which will also be held in the power station in future. Messe Frankfurt is also launching a new conference by the name of FashionSustain.
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Messe Frankfurt ist der weltweit größte Messe-, Kongress und Eventveranstalter mit eigenem Gelände. Mehr als 2.300 Mitarbeiter an rund 30 Standorten erwirtschaften einen Jahresumsatz von annähernd 647 Millionen Euro. Mittels tiefgreifender Vernetzung mit den Branchen und einem internationalen Vertriebsnetz unterstützt die Unternehmensgruppe effizient die Geschäftsinteressen ihrer Kunden. Ein umfassendes Dienstleistungsangebot – onsite und online – gewährleistet Kunden weltweit eine gleichbleibend hohe Qualität und Flexibilität bei der Planung, Organisation und Durchführung ihrer Veranstaltung. Die Servicepalette reicht dabei von der Geländevermietung über Messebau, Marketingdienstleistungen bis hin zu Personaldienstleistungen und Gastronomie. Hauptsitz des Unternehmens ist Frankfurt am Main. Anteilseigner sind die Stadt Frankfurt mit 60 Prozent und das Land Hessen mit 40 Prozent.
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