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TEXWORLD Paris 18 - 21.9.2017 Paris, Le Bourget

18 Sep 2017

The International Trade Show for Fashion: fabrics, trimmings, accessories. TEXWORLD Paris, firmly established at the heart of global fashion with 950 exhibitors

The 41st TEXWORLD Paris show has met its targets with 1000  exhibitors, the majority of whom registered very early. Nearly 90% of the show had been firmed up by May 2017, a high level of interest that, once again, goes to show the dominance of Messe Frankfurt France’s Paris show as THE essential event for fashion manufacturers. All the business people, designers and creators, heads of collection, fabric buyers not only for European but also for global ready-to-wear brands come to discover products for autumn/winter 18/19: in short, all the players from the fashion, accessories and denim sectors.

Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France remarks “This 41st show marks the start of TEXWORLD PARIS’ 21st year. For 20 years, Texworld has attached great importance to being in tune with the global fashion market. Discovering new products from all over the world and thinking outside the box were factors that were instrumental in its creation In 1996, there was a demand from the clothing industry and 20 years later this is still the case: TEXWORLD forms an integral part of the textiles, clothing & accessories sector, not only for all European fashion brands but also for global brands. And we continue to stay in tune with the needs of these businesses, thanks to the support offered by our parent company Messe Frankfurt. For instance, we are setting up a TEXWORLDDENIM area for our September 2017 show, which groups all the firms in the segment for fabrics for garment manufacture.
I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to give special recognition to our Chinese partners: they have always been convinced of TEXWORLD PARIS’s dynamic force, where the ranges of products (almost 600 exhibitors this season) remain an important resource for our visitors, all the more so as it has grown increasingly mature and quality has improved. A must-have, a must-see event with the TEXWORLD PARIS signature!

China, an inexhaustible source for textile solutions:
Chinese exhibitors will make up around 60% of the offer at TEXWORLD Paris this September. Chinese companies are represented in all segments of the show’s catalogue, which means that this huge industrial country is capable of supplying a very extensive array of solutions for trimmings, fabrics, embroidery, printing etc., making China the top supplier of textiles to France and Europe (IFM - Imports from January - April 2017).
Needless to say, this range of products has developed over the years, driven by exports but also by domestic consumption in China, which has been revolutionised and which is now certainly the equal of Western markets. It is likely to surpass them since it will sell more clothing in China than in Europe between 2020 and 2025. A shift that will drive all producers to deliver top quality and greater innovation and to promote creativity nationwide.
A change that certainly reflects the Made in China 2025 policy launched by the Chinese Ministry for Industry and Information Technology. China intends to speed up automation of factories by way of a series of loans or tax incentives and to reduce dependence on foreign technology by 70% by 2020. With this in mind, 40 centres for industrial innovation will be set up by 2025. This plan is part of a long-term strategy as China is striving to become one of the three leading countries in the industry by 2049. A date which will mark the 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.
Made in China 2025 represents the transition from manufacturing plant of the world to that of major industrial power: “From ‘manufactured in China’ to ‘designed in China’, from speed to quality, from products to brands” according to the wording of the French Council of State. The textile sector is obviously affected by the increase in robotisation of production processes in factories.

China (21 of whose exhibitors come from Hong Kong) is not alone however. South Korea and Turkey both occupy the second place, followed by India.

A supply of materials and trimmings that is developing in a number of areas:

  • Anything related to sourcing of denim can be found in a single area dedicated to this very vigorous segment: TEXWORLDDENIM. Visiting has been made more efficient for contractors, who are on the lookout for denim solutions, by grouping both offers for denim (so 70% fabrics and 30% clothing production). With over 80 exhibitors who are specialists for denim and associated textiles and clothing. TEXWORLDDENIM revolves around a novel modular concept for stands using special metal furnishings and a vibrant backdrop that is instantly recognisable. The show, with its very vivid colours, will have its own trends forum and a space conducive to making contacts, the "social village”, made even more interesting through numerous meetings and presentations.
  • Certain segments at the trade show have been particularly sought-after this season. Strong demand from exhibitors in the category for “Sophisticated knit”: some 130 firms have registered, from China, Korea, Taiwan and Turkey with sophisticated knitwear demonstrating intricate and more technical details. The “Lace embroidery” segment continues to garner attention having attracted six more specialists and lastly, the area dedicated to jacquard, introduced three years ago, has seen a marked growth for winter 18/19.
  • The positive reputation of the show adds to its appeal; this season we have noticed an increase in regular attendance by companies that come on their own, without the support of associations or international export organisations. Exhibitors at this next show come from a variety of countries: South Korea (5 firms), India (4), Portugal (1), Indonesia (1) and Czech Republic (1).
  • A marked improvement in the design and development of exhibitors’ collections, both from the technical aspect and in terms of style. We have received information about the following firms that will be attending this September: prints from E-Three (Stand D406) and imaginative knits from SJ Fabrics International (S420); classic chic for cotton prints from Ero Dyeing (M191), silk, cashmere and linen knits verging on the artisanal from SAS International (P434); extravagant braids from Megha Exim (O431), shirting in lovely, deep shades from La Linea (F223); Arseteks Tekstil and their skilful blends, especially linen; expertise in stretch fabrics from Furteks Dokuma San (C155), Ivlui (M143) offers very technical, delicate knits; woollen blends from Hebei Soyou Woolen Textile (F149), also a speciality from the Jiangsu region, including Jiangyin City Yiheng Textile (D169), use of recycled yarns under the ECOTEX and ECOCERT labels from PT Millenium; and yet many more for you to discover…. for instance, the Sustainable circuit, which has seen a strong increase with over 20% more exhibitors!
  • The Green Textiles circuit, or Sustainable Itinerary, groups the manufacturers whose fabrics are produced either from eco-friendly fibres or by using environmentally friendly methods or who comply with ethical standards. This circuit is experiencing strong growth with 20% more exhibitors attending. Each of the 70 firms, from Austria, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey and the Netherlands, was keen on being able to respond to this very topical requirement as most of them have obtained European or international certification labels: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001, SA 8000, Organic Exchange, Fair Trade…
  • Where the Small Quantities circuit is concerned, it groups textile manufacturers that accept minimum quantity orders between 50 and 100 metres, with no less than 178 firms attending Texworld Paris. This is a very popular circuit since no less than 55 young French labels visited it last February.

The third season of this segment for services with added value assembles exhibitors listed in the TEXWORLD Paris catalogue and who have been selected by a committee. They offer a variety of solutions, from integrated design studio to flexible, responsive manufacture for women’s and men’s ready-to-wear. They are capable of providing support for all fashion projects and seeing them through to completion. This showcase, ideally situated in Hall 2, where the two halls meet, has been designed by Oliver Lapidus, who has recently been promoted to become the artistic director at Lanvin.

In September 2017, ELITE’s focus will shift from that of previous shows by exploring traditional skills, with a very fine, hand-made Chinese brocade formerly used for bedspreads and adapted today for use in clothing and accessories by Zhangjiajie Pretty Girl (D225)

Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Dutch, Pakistani, Taiwanese and Turkish weavers and producers all go to make up Elite’s very distinctive offer. Some of them have sent us reports of new developments:

  • Joteks Tekstil (D221), this jacquard specialist that supplies well-known European fashion labels, also uses digital printing machines to most closely approximate the designs from its research and development office and its design studio, both of which are integrated.
  • Liberty Mills (D197), with a capacity of three thousand million metres a month, is a cotton weaver specialising in stretch material and is set apart by its substantial range in continuous dyeing. 85% of its exports are destined for the USA.
  • New Heaven (D214) is a firm that supplies the giants in European ready-to-wear and knows everything there is to know when it comes to jacquards, tweed looks and fancy knits.
  • Reisoglu (C197), with five designers and 21 R&D staff, who are all in demand at this manufacturer, which offers a very broad range of lace for accessories and which even has its own label for beachwear and home accessories. Having formed a partnership with Thread in Motion in 2017, they can now supply smart textiles: fabrics suitable for digital applications.

“Ex-æquo” is the overall theme for the trends forum devised by the trade show’s artistic directors. The 18/19 autumn/winter season could be described like this “We have killed off the rulers, the Gods, the icons, the elites, The people have imposed their laws. The Internet has slipped absolute knowledge into everyone’s pocket. Hierarchies have gradually lost their control. From now on, every individual has the arms and ammunition for their own universe. There are myriad certainties existing side by side, with their own symmetry, their own laws, without ever descending into total anarchism. There’s nothing left to prove. It is enough just to be.In a final convulsion, the old system attempts to prove everyone is right. The individual is glorified in an originality that is at times real and at times fictional. The world screams at us that we are all exceptional. And we decide to believe it. Even if it means forgetting that the exceptional cannot be so trivial.” This season focusses on strong values.

  • In aesthetics: a very stark reality, which is omnipresent ,  contrasts, plays and overlaps with our virtual world with trivialised sophistication.
  • The glorification of the individual takes place in the revolution of anti-aesthetics, dethroning the agreed sophistication of the Elite’s stereotypes.

A search for symmetry of strength, for overall balance, for the opposite direction to the trappings of power, takes the season to the first signs of a profound aesthetic revolution; a change in generation has begun.

A stylistic position that can be understood through the selection of fabrics from the firms exhibiting at the General Forum at the entrance to Hall 4 that put a focus on eco-textiles.
Available free at the trade show: the 18/19 autumn/winter catalogue “Ex-æquo” sheds light on creations from the weavers at TEXWORLD Paris. Four months prior, a summary of the season’s trends is sent to exhibitors so they can take inspiration from it for the September 2017 show. A service for exhibitors from Messe Frankfurt France”

A series of lectures about new developments in the sector and the latest from exhibitors, the catwalk shows and the Trends Forum all go to make up a varied and imaginative programme, providing visitors with food for thought as they work their way around TEXWORLD Paris.

Learn all about TEXWORLD Paris, the catwalk shows and lectures:

Providing maximum convenience for visitors: TEXWORLD Paris belongs to the group of related trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France, held at one and the same location, on the same dates and to which entry is free upon presentation of professional credentials: Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris and Shawls & Scarves - the accessories show case. All details about textile trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt throughout the world can be found at

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