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AVANTEX PARIS 6-9/2/2017 Le Bourget, Paris

27 Feb 2017

Messe Frankfurt's February 2017 Paris trade shows demonstrated calm optimism with a total of 13,559 visitors, meaning an increase of +6.9% compared with the February 2016 show.

The effects of the uncertainty experienced in February 2016, due to the challenging security issues, have returned to normal. A situation that puts the fashion industries back in an ideal position to move on. In fact, Europeans and Americans provided an average increase of 6% at this February 2017 show.

The French are keener than ever to attend the show and numbers have grown for the 3rd show in succession, amounting to +12% this time. Italian visitors are up by 9%, and those from Spain are also on the increase, up by 3%. Extremely stable figures for the United Kingdom which still remains the second-most represented country.

Something of a surprise: the conspicuous presence of numerous trade visitors from Greece, an increase of 13%, is evidence of a return to form for this well-known player in the sector.

Americans have found their way back to the Paris trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt; compared with the results in February 2016, there is a 9% increase in attendance. Nor is the South American continent lagging behind and has shown a strong interest in the trade shows' fashion business platform with increased attendance from Brazil and Argentina (+36%) and from Mexico (+5%).

Contractors from Asia were not lacking at this February’s meeting either, up by 9%. Growing interest from African trade visitors: +17%. The new Texworld and Apparel Sourcing shows in Addis Ababa are no doubt not without relevance in this appetite for the business platform for all fashion-related industries.

Top five visitor countries:
1 - France, 2 - United Kingdom, 3 – Spain, 4 - Turkey, 5 - Italy

Avantex Paris: working towards industry understanding of fashion and high-tech

"A truly successful show, both for visitors and for exhibitors, who regard it as a positive result, not seen for a long time. It was very obvious that the show got off to an excellent start when the doors opened on the very first day. The market was clearly very confident, less hesitant and more assured in terms of its activities. The launch of Avantex has placed the need for innovation in the textiles industry at the heart of the market. This 4th show firmly establishes it as a preeminent reference point for fashion brands in strategy development and for textile and technology firms in the process of making investments, on all levels from material through to distribution, in highly technical features and in digital technology", concludes Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

AVANTEX Paris, the trade fair dedicated to innovative solutions and products for fashion, strengthens its position and builds on meaningful discussions between fashion and new technologies. The organisation was lauded by exhibitors and visitors alike for its flow, clear and uncluttered presentation, arranged around the agora, which is the centre for panel discussions and discussions on future prospects.

The 4th AVANTEX Paris show provided a global, transverse offer for the innovative fashion. Textile manufacturers, colleges, institutions and high-tech designers (for prototyping, eco design and manufacture, marketing and sales, the blending of new functionalities with fashion products etc.) were all present at a meeting of the vanguard of the textile industry.

An overview of the show, segment by segment:

“Material & Components” > The borders between technical skills and fashion expertise are blurring resulting in a promising hybridisation for new applications. Further acclaim for the Techtera Collection by 2G2L, an exclusive presentation at Avantex Paris, where technical textiles from manufacturers in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have been used for the first time by fashion designers to create clothing. Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud were able to demonstrate with great brio that cutting-edge textile expertise aimed at industry can find added value and new market opportunities in innovative fashion. “Discussions started out with plenty of optimism thanks to the exhibition of these 17 highly fashionable outfits, which, like mini-Jacondas, aroused curiosity, admiration and interest”, enthuses Hadrien Laroche, the representative for Techtera, before continuing “indeed, some major companies expressed their willingness to adopt this hybrid approach in their production and private institutions offered to exhibit the Techtera by 2G2L collection abroad.”

“Prototype Studio” > Now marked by a hyperconnected professional life, the design and innovation studio is building on the links between technology and the human, rethinking the idea of performance in favour of meaningful value; they advocate collaborative work, socialisation and gaming (cf. the work of Loève Saint-Ourens, founder of Loève Studio). Visitors were on the lookout for solutions to help their design processes in the initial stages before manufacture. “A high standard of visitors and substantial numbers helped to put us in touch with international contacts earlier than anticipated. The product was received very positively where exporting was concerned (in particular to India, China and Bangladesh), with some excellent opportunities for sales conversion”, says Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, designer at Euveka. A trend to watch: requests from professionals for vertically integrated projects, following the example of the designers Twins Paris, who have received requests for entire projects for sourcing, prototyping and pattern design.

“Smart Retail” The desire to build a personal long-term relationship with the client, in their community, draws companies to made-to-measure, to bespoke products, even hyper-personalisation. “The emergence of the connected human should be linked at the point of sale: work needs to be carried out on the act of buying but also on relevant, customised and scalable usage that is kept updated. It is the exclusivity, desirability and fast-paced innovation that make it possible to give substance to the emotional dimension of consumption”, explains Valérie Jourdan, founder and CEO of Promise Consulting Inc. Visitors were able to plunge into the retail world of the future at the Tô & Guy stand with a virtual reality headset that immerses you in a sales space designed to resemble an art exhibition, where the outfits can be examined from every aspect. The designers are about to apply this concept to a hyper-customised Parisian pop-up.

“Clothing & Accessories”  As products that are constantly designed anew to meet market targets, clothing and accessories today constitute the manifestos for innovation. For Vincent Poyer, an engineer and designer at Neophoria, the key words for his line in connected neo leather goods are “intelligence, performance, use, valuable and secure service for every day, for elegance and confidence on the go”. The goal of his attendance at Avantex Paris was to test the market: a test that succeeded as the line of bags met with astounding success with international retailers (China, India, Italy, the Middle East) The same strategy for testing the market is pursued by Wolford, which showed a preview of its biodegradable stockings and tights, in cradle-to-cradle production. “We are both surprised and delighted to see that the circular economy is a familiar subject, acting as a lever for true innovation in fashion as consumption is changing and the desire to change things is great. It is very encouraging for our approach”, comments Clara Mattioli, Global Communication Wolford.

Two institutes of higher education were offering relevant projects to help remain true to a strategy for the future. The University of Southampton presented a prototype of a printed circuit board on fabric which would allow you to adjust the sound volume or vary the intensity of a light source, with the special feature that it is washable. When it comes to Niederhein University, it offered a collection of accessories and clothing incorporating technology: a backpack with solar panels for charging devices, for example.

The European Centre for Innovative Textiles (CETI), this high-tech research, development and prototyping centre has included fashion in its field of activities for two years. Thanks to their highly technical skills and machinery, they proposed very specific and sophisticated co-creation projects for operators in the textiles and clothing sector.

Among the countless presentations at the show, many people heeded the advice given by speakers at the round table on financing for start-ups: “Design your community around your values” Annika Schlüter, Success Manager Ulule; “Believe in yourself and in your venture”, Yann Gozlan, co-founder of Creative Valley; “Find a support organisation close to home”. Agnieszka Wojdyr, head of policy for creative industries at the European Commission; “Confront your risk, by seeing you they’ll get used to it“ Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, founder and director at the Euveka start-up. “You spend more time regretting what you haven’t done than what you have done”, Catherine Abonnenc, vice president of Women Business Angels.

The three catwalk shows, more coordinated than ever, met with a unanimous reaction: Avantex on stage with designs by To & Guy, by the designer Lou-Ann Boehm, from Wolford, and the fashion schools Habits de Lumière with 20 outfits from creative couturiers C’Couture realised together with the exhibitors at AVANTEX Paris, and the collection Techtera by 2G2L with 17 looks from Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, realised using textiles from members of Techtera. These designs are testament to a major change that combines a true aesthetic and proven functionality more easily. If the alliance between fashion and tech is only at the early stages, Avantex Paris is where it is making swift and steady progress.

Fashion + high technology = AVANTEX Paris!

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18-21 September 2017 – Le Bourget

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