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TEXWORLD Paris 6-9/2/2017, Paris, Le Bourget The International Trade Show for Fashion: Fabrics, trimmings & accessories

13 Feb 2017

It’s the 40th show for TEXWORLD Paris. The show has now reached adulthood and can look back on its first 20 years with pride. The idea on which it was founded - to present textiles from outside Europe – thus proved to be a brilliant idea and, above all, crucial. In 1997, TEXWORLD Paris was responding to an urgent demand from French and European fashion firms, which were unable at the time to find the solutions to satisfy their requirements in Paris: the opportunity to meet firms from the main countries producing textiles for clothing and accessories such as China, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh or South Korea, etc. In 2017, the response delivered by Texworld Paris is more relevant than ever. The trade fair continues to evolve in relation to international markets, becoming even stronger and more dynamic thanks to acquisition in 2002 by the world's largest trade show organiser: Messe Frankfurt.

“We are delighted and especially satisfied with the path Texworld Paris has followed. The original concept was to bring a group of major textile operators, other than those who were usually hosted (essentially for reasons that they were from neighbouring regions), as close as possible to European fashion labels in the fashion capital; this concept is still very attractive and meets international buyers' requirements very well. Messe Frankfurt France, the company that organises the show, is on a never-ending quest discovering companies in the fashion industry all over the world and honing its offer and special events in order to provide its visitors with appropriate new solutions at each trade fair. The international Messe Frankfurt group's power of persuasion and Paris as a location are assets that exhibitors learn to appreciate hugely very fast, as they are well aware that their business is at the very core of our activities", resumes Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France. "This 40th show demonstrates this yet again as the number of exhibitors has grown by 11%, also meaning many more collections of components, materials and trimmings for fashion. These additional exhibitors generally already have some experience of the show and, as far as they're concerned, there is no place to rival TEXWORLD Paris when it comes to doing business!”

Boasting more than 733 exhibitors from 25 countries, this show, mainly dedicated to spring/autumn 2018, promises a particularly high level of products offered. Opportunity: this is the theme chosen by the show's artistic directors Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud as inspiration for their guidance in terms of style and coming fashions. "And what it the solutions were right there? Right in front of us. And always have been. And what if all we needed to do was to take a different view of the world?” they ask us in the foreword to the Inspirations Book, which is available free to all visitors. Some truly fine opportunities for getting a fresh perspective and stimulating inventiveness. This theme runs through the selections of materials in the general Trends Forum at the show but also through the adjacent trends areas such as the ELITE forum, Denimotion and the Trims and Accessories Forum. This authentic guide to the creative influences, colours, techniques and materials to come is a really valuable service from TEXWORLD Paris for principals seeking to place orders. It is also a vital service target at exhibitors since a special version of this book is available to them on the Internet three months before the trade show to assist them in planning their fabric collections. The Inspiration Book available during the show takes into account what is actually offered this season thanks to a selection of materials from exhibitors.

February 2017: profusion and variety

The winning formula for the trade’s meeting for fabrics, trimmings and components for clothing (markets + business = THE international platform for fashion brands in Europe) plays a role in the strong appeal of the show, which has attracted almost 77 more exhibitors than in February 2016. The countries playing a major role in the international textile industry, which work with the large fashion groups in Western countries, are of course in attendance. Paris as the location remains for the majority the special venue where fashion and business come together, with their high standards of quality, skills and style. TEXWORLD Paris is the springboard for recognition as a player in the high-stakes game of fashion. A position that visitors to TEXWORLD Paris are very well aware of.

As a part of the largest textile trade fair organisation in the world, TEXWORLD Paris can obviously count on Europe's number 1 partner for textiles: China. It is the nation that is most strongly represented at this February 2017 show, more or less half of the show. The areas of specialism and skills satisfy every need when it comes to fashion fabrics and are found throughout all categories (categorisation according to material, finish and expertise).

Turkey remains a conspicuous number 2 in the top 5 at the show. Boosted by an experienced creative scene, a major industrial base and in-depth knowledge of the customs and attitudes of its neighbour Europe's industry, this country is for many companies an absolute must and it maintains a key position when it comes to textile imports in Europe (second in European textile imports in 2016 – source IFM).

South Korea continues to introduce visitors to ever-increasing numbers of businesses. It must be mentioned that this country, which is very focussed on research and development, has expanded imports of fabrics to Europe and occupies 4th place amongst suppliers to Europe. At TEXWORLD Paris, 77 companies are showing extensive ranges of knitwear and silky fabrics but also prints, silk, embroidery and lace, to name but a few.  The Korean Textile Centre (KDC), TEXWORLD Paris‘s partner for ten years, and the Korean Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), which is returning after a very successful September 2016 show, groups 30 companies in the Korean pavilion (Hall 4) and they have the advantage of their own trends area designed by KTC. The other Korean exhibitors decided to attend the show under the “materials” category.

To complete our summary of the top three, take note of a considerable presence from India (ranked fourth with over 50 companies), especially in the embroidery and lace segment for formal and evening wear; Pakistan is next with product ranges dominated by denim and casual wear, two of Pakistan’s strong points.

Not to forget Thailand, which has a reserved area in Hall 4 and is showing a diverse range of techniques: from knit fabric to men’s suiting, from shirting to embroidery and lace; a similar diversity is evident with the Taiwanese exhibitors, which tend towards technical knits.

In addition to the traditional major players such as Lenzing from Austria or the American Cotton Council International, the following companies are not to be missed: the Canadian denim specialists Dizaro Collection; the Egyptian company El Hesn, which is back again with cottons for shirts; the French printing company Domotex; KCTex International, a knit producer from Singapore; the silky collections from the Portuguese company 6 Dias; the English Oddies Textile; and the functional fabrics from Sy Vina, which has taken a larger stand.

Elite, showcasing service

ELITE, the TEXWORLD Paris segment that was launched in September 2016 brings together for the second time companies that offer their clients a broad array of services: from design studio to logistics. It goes without saying that Elite is easy to spot thanks to the Dacryl light panels created especially by the couturier Olivier Lapidus in an even more attractive and welcoming version.

ELITE is staying on course by again proposing some twenty companies, most of which were keen on attending again as they were very satisfied with the first show. Turkey is sets itself apart in this segment with the number of exhibitors, first of all with 11 firms especially dedicated to cotton-based fabrics (Acar Tekstil, Derhan Tekstil, Kotonteks Textile Industry, Özcimen Tekstil), to knitwear (T&H Fabrics, Isil Tekstil) but also prints (Avrupa Pasifik Tekstil), silky fabrics (Joyteks Tekstil), lace (Reisoglu) and broadcloth for men’s suits from Asy Tekstil, which produces almost 450,000 metres of fabric each month, and has convinced clients in Russia, the Middle East and Japan, apart from those in Europe.

Pakistan and Taiwan have in common that they both have three firms exhibiting at ELITE. Taiwan is showing worked knitwear (Danoe and New Heaven) and the cotton weaver (Artex), while the Pakistan weavers (Kohinoor Mills, Nishat Mills and Sapphire) concentrate their production on casual cotton. Two newcomers in this segment are offering this same variety of cottons: Alok Industrie (India) and Zaber & Zubair (Bangladesh), companies that are already very well-known at the show.

Finally, there are two further returnees: the Dutch company of Northern Linen is returning with its all-linen lines (some of which comes from Russia) and hemp ranges, which have caught visitors' attention, and, from Lebanon, Kaskas, a specialist in embroidery, formal wear and cocktail dresses. An exclusive ELITE guide is available to visitors.

Special events

In order to make decisions, at times you need to inform yourself about underlying trends and to learn about new ideas popular in news feeds throughout the industry. To provide this, TEXWORLD Paris has set up a series of lectures focussing particularly on the aspects of style and colours, and – uncommon in Paris – fashion shows.


Monday, 6th February

Presentation by Pantone in the Avantex agora (Hall 2)
Fabio Venturotti, Commercial Director of EMEA Pantone
Language: English/Anglais

Trends presentation: Opportunity: spring-summer 2018, in the Avantex agora (Hall 2)
Speakers: Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Artistic Directors at Texworld & Apparel Sourcing Paris
Language:  French - Translation: French into English

ESMOD show – the Paris school of fashion on the catwalk (Hall 2)  Visions between classic and extravagant, visions of fashion from the top students/designers, future stars, trained at the ESMOD school

Tuesday, 7th February

Trends presentation: Opportunity: spring-summer 2018, in the Avantex agora (Hall 2)
Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Artistic Directors at Texworld & Apparel Sourcing Paris
Language:  French - Translation: French into English

Wednesday, 8th February

FRANKfurtstyleawards catwalk show:
international fashion and design competition in the Catwalk area (Hall 2). This FRANKfurtstyleaward competition, established just 10 years ago, is aimed at fashion students from all over the world. In 2016, over 600 participants submitted entries on the chosen theme: A world of contradictions.

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