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Information due to Covid-19

19 Mar 2020

Due to the extremely tense and uncertain situation caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Europe and around the world, we would like to briefly inform you of the status quo of the plans for Neonyt in summer (30 June – 2 July 2020) during Berlin Fashion Week.

We, the management of Messe Frankfurt, are assuming that the situation will have eased by the end of June and that we will be able to hold the event as scheduled in a safe, optimistic and forward-looking environment at Tempelhof Berlin. However, we also have to admit that it is very difficult to make predictions about the future – even for the experts. Therefore we are already working behind the scenes on a plan B and are in close contact with all market participants and the responsible authorities in Berlin. We will continue to keep you and everyone else involved in Neonyt informed on the planning status as comprehensively and promptly as possible, especially since we are more than aware of the huge effort participating in the event requires of you. We are expecting that a final decision – based on government regulations – will be made by the end of April as to whether Neonyt will be taking place as planned, or whether it will have to be postponed. The cancellation of Panorama fair is not affecting us at all.