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AVANTEX Paris 18-21.9.2017 Le Bourget, Paris

18 Sep 2017

The show for technical and technological products and services that provide added value for the textile industry. An offer from AVANTEX PARIS that showcases textiles and (re)sources for innovation

For the occasion of its 5th session, AVANTEX Paris, the trade fair that merges high-tech with every sector in the fashion industry, has chosen thirty exhibitors, who are representative of the international scene that is so vital to development of the textile industry thanks to new technologies that herald tomorrow’s fashions.

“AVANTEX Paris is celebrating its 2nd year and at this September’s show will host 25 exhibitors who present a panoramic view of the key segments that are linked with the amalgamation of high-tech and fashion: materials & components, prototype studio, clothing & accessories, smart retail. In keeping with its role as a beacon for innovative fashion, AVANTEX Paris has launched Avantex Fashion Pitch, which aims to reward ground-breaking projects from start-up businesses in the fashion, textiles and clothing industry, This show will emphasise ‘made in France’ and textile innovation and will set the tone at its trends forum with the materials library from MateriO’. AVANTEX Paris, a place to meet, trade ideas and discuss promising subjects for the development of the industry, is also been expanded with a series of targeted workshops, lectures and videos from experts in order to provide visitors with the keys and essential tools for designing and creating fashion for the future” explains Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Searches for “made in France” are popular
Buoyed by the success they experienced last February, Euveka, Techtera and TO & GUY are returning for the September show full of enthusiasm. An offer that is totally made in France, enhanced by the presence of CETI and the FashionTech association.

Last February Euveka presented the EVK BODY – XTENT robotic mannequin for making prototyping easier: nowadays the pattern cutter’s essential skills need to be supported with innovative tools that take the vagaries of the material and handling into account. In this way, it is possible for the mannequin robot to adjust to the size of the garment and to a person’s body shape. Integrated sensors alert the pattern cutter to any assembly errors, pressure in the fabric, the temperature, etc. Euveka won the Innovation Prize at ANDAM 2017.

Techtera, the competitiveness cluster for textiles and flexible materials in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, is a hub dedicated to innovation in the sector. Established in 2005 with the aim of boosting the competitiveness of businesses through collaborative innovation, Techtera assists them in seeking out new markets and developing innovative products. The main challenge facing the 119 members of Techtera is to boost innovation in flexible materials, using two key technologies: assembly techniques (for complex materials that meet markets demands for lighter weights, an aesthetic appearance and new functionalities) and smart textiles (textiles combined with technologies that making them intelligent, such as sensors, energy storage devices and NICT).

 Techtera will present three outfits made with technical materials from member firms at AVANTEX Paris.

The CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles), inaugurated in 2012, is a centre for research, innovation, prototyping and technical and industrial recovery, on a global level, in the field of Advanced Textile Materials and New Materials. It is open to any interested scientific, technology or industrial organisation or institution on the regional, national, European or international level. CETI is located north of Lille and covers an area of 80 hectares. It has a technology building to house pilot workshops and test laboratories and an administrative building that groups the resource centres for firms operating in this domain. CETI is organising two workshops concerning the crucial transition from the initial idea to the prototype (see below).

TO & GUY is a clothes designer duo that uses the very latest methods throughout the entire value-adding chain, from clothing production to design, from customer experience to retail. TO & GUY will present a revolutionary procedure at the show that allows designers to position and alter patterns on a product in 3D, without needing to understand the complexity of pattern design, which is generally the domain of pattern-makers. This procedure can make stock management easier as orders immediately triggers production.
10-minute demonstrations by TO & GUY at the show every hour from 10 am to 5 pm
TO & GUY are dressing the trade fair staff at this September’s show.

Having attended since the very first AVANTEX Paris show, La FashionTech, the Paris organisation promoting ecosystems in fashion and technology from the aspect of sustainable development, will be showing the most recent projects from several French start-up firms.

Outstanding international schools will be attending the show
Institutions of higher education have shown a keen interest in AVANTEX PARIS and the innovation platform it represents for this season’s show. L’ENSAD Paris, the Hochschule Albstadt Sigmaringen and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design from Germany, as well as the University of Chongqing from China, will present their students’ work and research projects. Always forward-looking and way ahead of the rest, the schools will clearly add to the trade shows’ emphasis on the R&D aspect!

North-east Asia at the forefront of innovation
10 Taiwanese firms will present their entire collections of functional textiles in all their variety. Ecolot Textile, Her Ching Knitting, Hone-Strong, Wisher Industrial, Texxar, Excelassoc, Taiwan Taffeta Fabric, Handseltex Industrial Corporation and Liou Long Tai, La Mode Textile and Universal Textile. TTF, the organisation that is responsible for promoting eco textiles in Taiwan, will also be exhibiting.

The materials that have been developed combine textile skills with the very latest technological and scientific innovations in order to obtain textiles that incorporate many advanced features. These advances are tied to substantial investment in research by Taiwan, as demonstrated by Creative Tech Textile, the marketing and R&D department of the Taiwanese textile company Hans Global, a specialist in textiles providing UV protection. There is also Advance Hitech Textile International Corporation, the research centre that assists both Taiwanese and international business in developing extremely lightweight, ‘green’ fabrics.
One company to keep an eye out for is Mec Addheat, which is developing a process for heat-generating textiles with the aid of a lithium battery combined with heating elements from the aerospace sector.

And not forgetting:

  • South Korea, a very active player when it comes to fabrics with high added value, is extremely well positioned and the Korea Textile Development Institute, which concentrates on R&D into technical textiles in Korea, from polymers to the yarns, from functionalities to market applications, is attending to demonstrate this expertise.
  • Three Chinese companies are returning to the show: Suhou Tianzhuo Textile with memory shape fabrics, Shaoxing Ruisheng Textile, whose breathable laminates are windproof and rainproof and insulate against the cold, and Xiamen Eight Unita, which produces fabrics with enhanced features.
  • The Irish firm of Glowtex and its high-intensity, long-lasting, light-emitting technology.
  • Morocco is represented by C2TM, a cluster that groups businesses and public and private institutions and aims to position the product ranges from Moroccan firms in the technical textiles sector with strong added value and to encourage innovative collaborative projects.

Avantex Fashion Pitch
AVANTEX Paris has launched a major competition via the WiRATE platform aimed at start-up businesses from the textiles, clothing and fashion sector.
9 best rated projects among 23 received will present their start-up concept the 19th of Spetembre – 15h30 on the Avantex Agora.

Dedicated to the Material & Components sector :

  • Ovide: a line of women’s ready-to-wear that uses textiles made from plant fibres and 100% cruelty-free leather
  • Pyratex: a range of natural fiber fabrics (bamboo, seaweed, wood…) with unique property for the skin

Dedicated to the Clothing& Accessories sector:

  • Marissa Garnier: feminine ready-to-wear with vegetable fibers textiles and 100% cruelty free leather
  • Torq Labs: a range of sportswear leggings, light and that could prevent knee’s injuries
  • Urban Circus: making high-vis clothing for ready-to-wear collections that combines safety with fashion (recent start-up)

Dedicated to the Prototype Studio sector:

  • Reflect: an object using biofeedback based on sensors that are integrated in fabrics to measure anxiety  

Dedicated to the Smart Retail sector:

  • Alix: a chatbot dedicated to men that gives fashion advice via Facebook Messenger (recent launch)
  • Dressing Lab: a shopping app that make fashion silhouette out of various online brand’s catalogues
  • Wishibam: an online shop with real fashion advices by chat

Those start-ups have to present their work in the form of a pitch during AVANTEX. The audience and members of the WIRATE platform will be able to vote for the project that is most closely related to the show. The project with the most votes will be awarded the prize and included as an exhibitor at the February 2018 show as well as being able to record a teaser video worth 1200 euros.

The Avantex Fashion Pitch prizes will be awarded on Tuesday 19 September at the “atelier Néerlandais” in the heart of Paris on the occasion of the 4th issue of MODELAB magazine, the first French magazine for fashion tech that features articles on the merging of innovation, technology and industry. Date: 19 September at Atelier Néerlandais, 121 rue de Lille, Paris 7

Creative workshops and exclusive demonstrations
: 10-minute demonstrations every day, every hour from 10 am to 5 pm

CETI: Workshop 1: Innovation yes, but where do you start: from the original idea to reality.
Wenesday the 20th of September 11h00 and 15h00
Duration : 30 to 40 mm - Group of 10 people
CETI will guide participants in a challenge in order to assess the value of their innovation projects

Advance registration online: and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @AvantexParis

The Avantex wall: a video playlist to watch without limits
Since AVANTEX Paris is as keen as ever to provide a maximum of information about the still-nascent sector of innovative fashion, it is launching the Wall of Avantex: a micro video festival where a selection of exclusive videos will be shown non-stop on a giant screen set up in the agora (except during the round table sessions). These videos will reveal images from a series of projects and achievements that are representative of the union between fashion and new technologies.

Don’t miss: a documentary about the François + Marithé Girbaud label. They were pioneers in sustainable development and innovation in fashion. The programme continues with Futurs Immédiats from R3iLab, the background for a Modelab shooting, the studios of the 3D printers Prodways, presentations and projects from numerous designers, such as Pauline Van Dongen, KOVR, Postcouture collective and Ricardo O Nascimento. An absolute must: Oscar Tomico, Claire Williams, Aniela Neffa, Lou-Anne Boehm, Olivier Lapidus… and the videos on Interlaced, CETI, GINETEX, innovative concepts like the l’Habibliothèque, Grand Shooting, spotlight on materials with MateriO’… And no doubt there will be more surprises to come!

A trends forum taking inspiration from the materials with MateriO’
MateriO’ is a global monitoring service for innovation in materials and technology, for any organisation that wants to be innovative or find inspiration from extraordinary, atypical or simply strange materials. MateriO’ is entirely independent of the manufacturers listed; it is financed by no-one but its users. Apart from MateriO’s vast materials library, it also offers individual and bespoke services (special studies, exhibitions, lectures, training modules, publications etc.). Several thousand references and samples, areas of application – an incalculable resource!

Fashion + high technology = AVANTEX Paris!

Learn all about AVANTEX Paris, the catwalk shows and lectures:
Providing maximum convenience for visitors, AVANTEX Paris is one of the group of related trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France, held in one and the same location, on the same dates and where entry is free upon presentation of professional credentials: Apparel Sourcing Paris, Shawls & Scarves - the accessories show case, Texworld Paris 

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Messe Frankfurt in figures: With a turnover of €645 million euros and 2297 staff, Messe Frankfurt is one of the largest trade fair organisers in the world. The group has a global network of 29 subsidiaries and 57 international distribution partners. Messe Frankfurt therefore has a presence in over 160 countries where it serves its customers. More than 40 venues throughout the world host events “made by Messe Frankfurt”. Messe Frankfurt organised 132 trade fairs in 2015, with over half held abroad. The exhibition grounds include ten halls and cover 592,127 square metres. The company also operates two conference centres. The historic Festhalle is one the most popular venues in Germany for hosting all types of events. The city of Frankfurt holds a 60% share in the company and the state of Hesse a 40% share.  Additional information: * Provisional figures (2015)

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