Impressions: Fashionsustain

We make a difference!

7 Jul 2022

“Sustainable fashion makes a difference. We make a difference!” – these were two of the most important messages that the Neonyt Lab community took away after three colourful days of events under the motto “New Patterns” in the Union Halle in Frankfurt am Main.

Neonyt Lab

Neonyt Lab counts designers, activists, consumers and content creators as well as representatives from the fashion industry from 22 countries amongst its visitors. From critical to inspiring, from impulsive to informative – the numerous discussion panels, interviews and workshops at Fashionsustain, the conference format of the Neonyt (Lab), were an important source of inspiration and were well attended by the visitors. “The fashion industry is uniquely positioned to engage on the Sustainable Development Goals due its global outreach and connectivity. One major milestone that must be achieved by the sector is better treatment of women and deliver on livable wages, occupational promotions, educational opportunities, and safe working conditions. Thanks to the Neonyt Lab for centering this important conversation at the Fashionsustain conference," said Kerry Bannigan, Executive Director of the Fashion Impact Fund – a key partner of the Neonyt Lab. After all, the Neonyt Lab under the umbrella of Messe Frankfurt raises awareness towards the Sustainable Development Goals in global cooperation with the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network and the United Nations Office for Partnerships.