Vaude: Green Shape Core Collection

In Earth We Trust
Vaude, a family business with headquarters in Tettnang on Lake Constance, is seen as a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly outdoor products. The task of creating consistently sustainable equipment is firmly anchored in its brand philosophy. At the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show a few weeks ago Vaude first showcased its Green Shape Core Collection. The 19-part collection comprises clothing, shoes and rucksacks which are suitable for a broad range of outdoor activities and can be used multifunctionally. Around 90% of the textiles used in the production process are ecologically based, recycled or natural materials.     

In collaboration with fibre manufacturers Lenzing, Q-Milk and Primloft, the team at Vaude developed new fabrics and technologies, offering innovative solutions for environmentally sound functional materials. Raw-material reserves are conserved by the use of recycled materials and the use of ecologically based alternatives to fossil raw materials. In addition, the use of chemicals is minimised, and use is made of the natural functional characteristics of the textiles concerned. Thus, for example, biodegradable fibres based on wood are becoming a plastic-free alternative for new fleece products. The result is a natural look and feel to the clothes, which bring multi-use qualities to bear and facilitate broadly spread areas of use among the parts of the collection.    

Using a few products universally, instead of procuring a large number of specialist products, is a first step in the direction of a more sustainable lifestyle. The parts of the Vaude collection, through their ergonomic fit and cut, their intelligent combination of materials and their well-thought-out design, are therefore intended for many-sided use – from a ski tour, to a winter hike, to the journey to work. To conserve the world through expertise and innovation, while creating a modern, fashionable collection: the Green Shape Core Collection from Vaude is a prospect for the future of more sustainable outfits for the out-of-doors.

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