Upcoming Brand: Jeckybeng

Back to Nature

Founded in 2011 by graphic designer Moritz Lorenz, who wanted to unite his love of design with his passion for the outdoors, the Jeckybeng brand is part of the Urban Outdoor Movement – a movement for a life in harmony with nature. Deceleration, sustainability and balance are the basis of this world view. The aim is a return to a more original state, away from the consumer culture of the present time. Jeckybeng specialises in equipment for camping trips in the forest and surfing holidays on the sea – from cagoules and windcheaters, to snack sets, including opinel knife, to surf wax.  

For the clothing collections only natural materials, such as organic cotton and Merino wool, are used. The fabrics are long-life by their very nature and often have unexpected performance arts. Thus, for example, Moritz Lorenz took part in developing a high-quality cotton fabric whose weave in contact with water closes the interstices and thus becomes water-repellent – all completely without chemical treatment.   

The cagoules made of this waterproof cotton cloth are inspired by classic military parkers. Modern details and a well-sitting fit are functional and yet fashionable. That makes the parkers reliable companions for urban life, travel, or trips to the countryside. All parts of the collection are produced as a consequence of the decelerated ideas at this European family firm, which enables a direct exchange with the production plants and a return to handicraft manufacture instead of industrial mass production. Back to the roots and a life in harmony with ourselves and nature.

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