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Greenblut agency backs green inbound marketing.

A marketing agency with clear goals: over the next five years Susanne and Christoph Dahn aim to help 100 sustainable brands in doubling their online sales. The two proprietors of the Greenblut agency are specialists in sustainable fashion, lifestyle products and green businesses, and they offer services especially for their particular needs. “During our work as an importer of various ethical fashion brands, we noticed that marketing was a subject with very negative overtones for sustainable brands. And for good reason: many conventional businesses manipulate and exploit concealed fears and emotions. They will do everything to market their often-inferior products. That is why many sustainable brands will have nothing to do with marketing and thus stay well below their potential. So, we have been working on this question since 2005, and in 2013 we founded Greenblut”, explains Christoph Dahn  

Since then the two entrepreneurs, with their German agency in Freiburg, have been specialising in modern methods such as inbound marketing. The methods in question are pull-marketing methods, the aim of which is for companies or products to be found by people interested in them. Thus, Greenblut social media combines marketing, keyword-optimised blogs and CRM systems to develop tailor-made solutions for its clients. “Sustainable brands have a built-in competitive advantage over conventional brands. They have a genuine, interesting background narrative. The problem, however, is that many companies do not exploit this advantage, or do so only very insufficiently. That is why we specialise in new marketing methods, such as inbound marketing or agile marketing. Information about a product or service should not be manipulative or intrusive, but useful and helpful to the customer.” This concept has already convinced eco-fashion pioneers such as People Tree, Lanius and Goodsociety and – if Greenblut is right – will in future promote the growth of many more sustainable businesses.  

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