Underwater love

Algae as sustainable, fibre-based raw material
Every day, he looks out across the water. Tjeerd Veenhoven lives on a boot in the Netherlands. One day, as his gaze once more strayed, he asked himself, whether it might also be possible to grow textile fibres underwater. As founder of the product design studio of the same name and expert for themes of design thinking, social entrepreneurship and sustainability, clearly there was no way this was going to remain a theoretical question. It begot the project ‘Algea-Fabrics’. You can find algae almost anywhere in the world. Not only do they provide 50% of the oxygen that we breathe in every day, but they are also a natural, renewable raw material, which is wonderfully suited to the manufacture of environmentally friendly, recyclable textiles. ‘Algae-Fabrics’ picked up the Global Change Award 2015, awarded by the H&M Foundation as one of the top five concepts for a sustainable and recyclable fashion industry.
Whether textiles made from algae, leather from palm leaves or windmills from plastic bottles

– Tjeerd Veenhoven loves creating extraordinary materials and production technologies. It results in unique products with wonderful stories. 

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