Journal Stories

Best-practice Storytelling: Knowledge Cotton Apparel
Every season Knowledge Cotton Apparel publishes a journal telling a new story. From wind cracking over the waves to food culture and street art, from factory heroes to plastic waste in the oceans. Accompanied by stunning landscape photographs, atmospheric product photography and campaign images, each of these stories is simultaneously a behind the scenes insight into this Danish, family-owned company. Whilst fashion and emotion are paramount, it is soon clear that the spotlight is in fact on the aims and values of the brand. It is all about the way people interact, the use of organic cotton and other sustainable materials, the recycling of plastic bottles and the aim of becoming CO2 neutral along the value-added chain.
Under the ‘Journal Tales’ heading the stories are digitally processed on the company’s own blog, whilst they are also printed as a print magazine and made available to independent retailers as POS material.
Gain Knowledge. Take Action. Earn Respect. This is the slogan of Knowledge Cotton Apparel which is both core brand concept and message of inspiration. For people who work for the label, just as those who work in retail trade or are consumers, storytelling is a crucial factor. 

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