Store to watch: Selfridges

The new sustainability programme from Selfridges
A gigantic elk, chiselled in ice, melting drop by drop – Selfridges telling the story of its new sustainability programme, ‘Buying Better, Inspiring Change’. The core message of a stunning video is that personal awareness of responsibility can bring about change and the company has risen purposefully to the challenge. With campaigns like ‘Bright New Things’ this British retail chain has for some years put sustainable and innovative products centre stage of its multimedia presence. ‘Buying Better, Inspiring Change’ now transforms the individual campaigns into a long-term, company-wide programme. Its aim is to strengthen the resolve of its own sales team, to integrate into its offering new brands with sustainable products alongside best practices and then to promote these in a targeted way.

The programme kicked off one year ago with training by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, which gave the Selfridges’ team a better understanding how the fashion industry impacts on the environment and the social challenges this brings. Purchasing has now changed accordingly. You can see the first results in the online shop under the heading ‘Buying Better, Inspiring Change’, where fair-traded, ecologically and/or locally produced products are now displayed separately. Each product is accompanied by a short explanation why it is better to buy that particular product.

A large-scale marketing campaign to support this programme is, of course, bread and butter to Selfridges. In March, the company launched ‘Material World’. With their slogan ‘Material World – what on earth are you wearing’, Selfridges draws the attention of its consumers to the materials from which clothes are made and conversely gives brands a platform to tell the stories about their products. Storytelling par excellence…

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