PFCs otherwise

Columbia Sportswear has contractually engaged the US American rapper Macklemore
Perfluorocarbons– the name itself is already a mouthful. Hardly easier to digest is the connection between fluorocarbon compounds, the manufacture of textiles, their positive textile properties and the negative impact on the environment. Columbia Sportswear manufactures sports products and its approach to explaining this to a mass audience is different, simple and effective.
The company thought who better to tell a story than a rapper, obviously. The story talks about the new OutDry Extreme Eco Jacket and the hip-hopper is none other than the afore-mentioned artist, Macklemore, who is known for his socially critical and frequently political texts. Not only does Macklemore wear the white jacket, but he has also produced a film with Columbia Sportswear, initially distributed through social media channels which quickly went viral. In this film, he explains the impact of PFCs on the environment and calls on people to rethink.
The OutDry Extreme Eco Jacket makes his task easy, for it has itself a good story to tell. It is manufactured without PFCs, is water-tight and breathable. In the medium sized version, it consists of 21 recycled plastic bottles and the non-pigmented fabric saves over 49 litres of water compared to standard coloured jackets. All the components including labels, straps, zip fasteners, threads and eyelets are made from 100% recycled materials and last but not least the jacket also carries a Bluesign certification.

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