Store to watch: A better Story

New eco-concept store in Munich

Fashion designer Brigitte von Puttkamer is no newcomer to the green fashion scene: since as early as 2008, the Baaderstrasse in Munich has been home to Glore, her shop specialising in sustainable fashion. Working jointly with architect Kurt Raffeiner, her good friend and new business partner, and furniture builder Barbaros Blatter-Aslihan, she is now writing a new chapter of eco-fashion in the Bavarian capital: in October, in the Glockenbach quarter of the city, the three associates opened their new shop, A better Story.

The concept of A better Story is a hybrid. Brigitte, Kurt and Barbados mix retail and showroom. They have created a breathing range of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interior design and rare furniture, with a brand and design selection reaching far beyond the eco mainstream. The guiding principle of this collection, as the shop’s name reveals, was that the labels and one-off products on show should tell stories, dealing with rebellion, justice and the future. Better stories, exactly.

And which brands tell these stories? The labels in the shop are a mirror of ‘who’s who’ among the popular sustainable fashion labels of today. Thus, you will find labels so far unknown in this country, such as Kowtow and Suite 13, alongside modern classics of the sustainable fashion scene such as Haikure and Uniforms for the Dedicated; Jeans, for instance, come from Mud Jeans, shoes from Veja and perfumes from Abel.

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