Gender-free clothing: John Lewis

John Lewis abolishes gender-specific clothing for children

Debates on gender may resonate: in the children’s department of the major department stores little has changed. The clothing in the children’s fashion segment can mostly be distinguished very quickly as girls’ or boys’ clothing: witness colours, prints and cut.

All this has ended at John Lewis. The British department store chain has not only abolished gender barriers in its collection but also given up any spatial separation by gender in its branches. Millefleurs rompers and dinosaur suits now carry the label „Boys & Girls.” The simple idea behind it all: to let children and parents decide themselves and not to encourage any gender stereotypes, as Charlotte Bettis, head of children’s fashion at John Lewis, told The Independent newspaper.

There has been plenty of feedback, not all of it positive, as is mostly the case in the discourse about gender. It will be exciting to see whether further chains will follow the partner of the Waitrose chain and strike a path away from the blue-pink trap.

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