Incubator for responsible innovation in textiles and fashion

The fashion and textile sectors currently find themselves in a process of fundamental transformation. Technological progress and the concurrent strategic implementation of all aspects of sustainability bear witness to a new consciousness of innovation and are driving a process of change, from which all stakeholders profit. Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group are joining forces in order to provide a platform for these issues of tomorrow that are so essential to the fashion industry. The double-conference event, FASHIONSUSTAIN + FASHIONTECH, is both a source of inspiration and a place where all stakeholders in the textile value chain can discuss the application of innovations in a multidisciplinary context.

On 17 January 2018, during the Berlin Fashion Week and at the same time as the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and the Greenshowroom, there will be an opportunity to move out of one’s comfort zone and gain the competitive advantage that knowledge acquired in such circumstances can provide. FASHIONSUSTAIN will be presenting many of the drivers that are set to revolutionise the fashion sector and the textile industry. FASHIONSUSTAIN is a unique incubator and platform, which brings together international keynote speakers and new formats in a multidisciplinary, interactive discourse against the background of the former power station ‘Kraftwerk Berlin’.

One platform. Two conferences. Three key areas. The venue for the two conferences FASHIONSUSTAIN and FASHIONTECHBERLIN is to be the decommissioned power station, ‘Kraftwerk Berlin’. Talks on groundbreaking issues are complemented by the context of a contemporary and creative THINKATHON, as well as the utterly inspirational Smart Fashion SHOWCASE. These three key features – CONFERENCES, THINKATHON and SHOWCASE instantiate a completely novel conference format. The high-calibre conference, which is open to the public and will be attended by international decision-makers from the fashion and sportswear sectors, is to be held on Wednesday 17 January 2018, in the ‘Kraftwerk Berlin’ events centre.

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