Upcoming Brand: Langbrett

Sustainability oriented surf and skater label

Be the change you want to see – what happens when surfers and skaters meet regularly to pursue their hobby and, at some point, realise that the products they need are not in keeping with their idea of a better world? In the case of Langbrett, they roll up their sleeves and change things.

The name of the brand is as self-explanatory as its history. Because the German word Langbrett means ‘longboard’. The company’s skateboards are made of ecological wood and handmade in the Ore Mountains near the German-Czech boarder whereby the owners, Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies always focus on quality as their benchmark. For them, sustainability begins with the product. If it is well made and timeless in design, the result is a particularly durable product. And all Langbrett products must be characterised by longevity. For example, the longboards are made in France, Spain and the USA by companies with first-class production facilities. Casualwear is made of bio cotton in Europe. And when it comes to shoes, Nolte und Spies insist on chrome-free tanned leather and soles made of recycled corks and tyres.

As Nature lovers who like nothing better than to pursue their outdoor sports, the people from Langbrett do everything they can to increase their environmental-protection opportunities. Thus, as the ‘Stop! Micro Waste’ non-profit company, they developed the ‘GUPPY FRIEND’ washing bag, which is designed to stop artificial fibres getting into the drainage system when outdoor garments are washed. For these fibres cannot be filtered out by washing machines or sewage-treatment plants and, via rivers, get into the food chain, in many cases containing toxic substances. As manufacturers of products aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, Nolte and Spies see it as their task to assume responsibility for the environmental impact of their products after they have left the store. Responsibility for skaters by skaters with an all-round perspective.

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