The store to watch: Tuschimo, Munich

Elegance meets sustainability

From Victoria’s Secret to bridal wear and then on to her own ladies’ wear collection –  this is, in a nutshell, how the career of Munich designer Arosha Rosenberger has unfolded. Her fashion label, and also the first store of her own, have been known as Tuschimo since last May. In the Munich district of Schwabing, Rosenberger presents her colourful and elegant designs across 50 square metres of floorspace, divided over two shop levels. The clothes are both fashionably chic and can be worn with a clear conscience.

When Rosenberger opened her store in Munich, it was the designer’s dream come true. This is because she is able to convey her philosophy here in much more detail than in her online store. Born in Sri Lanka, the designer grew up in the midst of unspoilt nature. Today this is still her most important source of inspiration and passion. This can be seen both in her collection and the design of her store. And so, a large picture of a tropical tree from Sri Lanka decorates the shop. This reflects the designer’s own culture and represents the idea of masculinity and femininity, which are not contradictions in terms for Rosenberger, but rather part of a whole. Just like sustainability and elegance.

Rosenberger is rewarded with a loyal fan base, which includes, by the way, numerous prominent figures such as Uschi Ackermann, widow of the delicatessen mogul Gerd Käfer, and the actor Sophie Adell.

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