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Trade show: Techtextil & Texprocess

Prize-winning innovations

19 prize winners, 19 new solutions for construction with textiles, textile processing and improved sustainability: the Texprocess Innovation Award 2019 and the Techtextil Innovation Award 2019 were presented during the official opening of the trade shows Techtextil and Texprocess on 14 May 2019. For the 15th time the young talent competition Textile Structures for New Building also rewarded innovative approaches. All prize winners and prize-winning projects will be showcased until Friday, 17 May in a range of special presentations.

May 2018

Which textile products and technologies will shape the future of the industry? Answers to this question are found at the leading international trade shows Techtextil and Texprocess. During the official opening of the shows on 14 May 2019, eleven winners were honoured with the renowned Techtextil Innovation Award 2019 and the Texprocess Innovation Award 2019. The awards were presented to especially innovative textile products and textile processing technologies.

From a seamless, 3D flat-knitted glove featuring sensors with a range of control functions to a space-saving inductive charging coil for hybrid and electric cars and a smart safety coat for workers on transmission masts – the Techtextil Innovation Award was presented for the fifteenth time to seven winners in four categories. Techtextil also honoured two prize-winners in the ‘Sustainability’ category for the first time – one development, Bio4self, can support the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is a fully bio-based, self-reinforced polymer composite based on PLA fibres developed by an international working group. The second award in the ‘Sustainability’ category went to Picasso, a joint venture of Portuguese project partners for the development of a colouration and functionalisation process for garments, based on fungal and plant extracts and enzymes.

At the same time, the Texprocess Award was awarded to four developments including a fashion-on-demand technology and a sewing machine that, using digital solutions to the maximum extent, guides the operator and continuously augments its functions and ‘knowledge’.

In addition, eight emerging talents were pleased to win prizes in the competition Textile Structures for New Building organised jointly by the international association TensiNet as sponsor and Techtextil. Hosted during Techtextil for the fifteenth time, the competition for emerging talent honours innovative approaches and outstanding material solutions from the world of textile construction.

The renowned awards presented during the trade show duo, which take place every two years, provide insight into the future of the textile industry and show that this is closer than one might think. The winning products were chosen based on criteria including degree of innovation, choice of material and environmental quality. All prize-winning projects will be showcased in a number of special presentations in Hall 4.0 and Hall 4.2 until Friday, 17 May.

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