Heatable Capsule Collection: heated jackets
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Innovation: heated jackets

For all seasons

Braced for all kinds of weather - with only one jacket. To make this vision reality, Alpha Tauri, Deutsche Telekom and Schoeller Textil AG joined forces to launch their Heatable Capsule Collection. The temperature of the collection's jacket and vest can be regulated via an app.

January 2021

There is no bad weather - just inappropriate clothing? Not necessarily. Alpha Tauri, Deutsche Telekom and Schoeller Textil AG have developed a special feature for the jackets and vests of the pan-seasonal Heatable Capsule Collection, which was launched last December. E-soft-shell jackets are fitted with a high-performance heating technology allowing those, who wear the jacket to individually regulate its temperature to the one they feel comfortable with via an app. The jackets and vests have been equipped with heating components that are powered by a power bank. When not used for heating the jacket, the components can also be used to charge a mobile phone. The innovation was developed as part of Deutsche Telekom's Fashion Fusion Programme. "The Heatable Capsule Collection is an example of how true customer value can be created through expertise and a shared mind set: only where players are willing to challenge the status quo can novelty and innovation be created,” says Ahmet Mercan, Head of Global Consumer Products at Red Bull and general manager of Alpha Tauri.

Cooperation is key. Deutsche Telekom contributed the technical framework, Schoeller Textil AG developed the built-in heating technology and Alpha Tauri designed the collection. Innovative products like the Heatable Capsule Collection show what happens when technology meets design and various companies pool their competences. A jacket is created that can be worn in any weather and is also suitable for travelling. Interesting products like these and other exciting insights into the newest developments can be found at the next edition of trade show duo Techtextil and Texprocess, which will run from 4th to 7th May 2021 in Frankfurt am Main.

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Foto: Deutsche Telekom


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