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Francis fries fresh fish fibres. The potential of functional fabrics is by far from being reached. Taiwanese company Tung Ho Textiles demonstrates this with a fibre made from fish scales.

December 2019

Fish scales and eucalyptus oil. These are only two of the source materials used by Taiwanese fibre producer Tung Ho Textiles. The company specialises in performance spinning yarns, which are antibacterial, odourless and very soft. One of Tung Ho Textiles’ highlights is a new fibre made from fish scales. Instead of processing the fabric after weaving, the company combines the material’s natural properties directly in the spinning process. The advantage of this method is that the properties of the resulting textiles are especially durable because they are not only added later but are also formed within the fibre. Tung Ho Textiles recycles fish industry waste to create these sustainable and innovative fibres. Against all odds, the scales are very soft to the touch and the fabric has good moisture management properties by nature. The fabric protects the skin from drying out and moisturises it when exposed to air conditioning. The fibre also neutralises smells. Tung Ho Textiles is working on a way to expand its portfolio of environmentally friendly products and to get relevant certification. Ecovero and Tencel, both fabrics made from cellulose, are already part of the company’s product range.

Tung Ho Textiles presented its products at Yarn Expo, which took place from 25th to 27th September 2019. The next edition of the yarn and fibre trade show will run from 11th to 13th March 2020. Check of the interview with Emily Chiang, who works in the marketing department of Tung Ho Textiles.

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