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Trade Show: Gartex Texprocess India

The Forever Fabric

Let’s talk denim. As part of the Denim Show of Gartex Texprocess India, which took place from 10th to 12th August 2019, the Denim Talks forum offered industry leaders a platform for an interdisciplinary exchange about fashion classic jeans. From blue to green – the second edition of Denim Talks was all about sustainable developments and circularity.

October 2019

India produces 1,600 million metres of denim every year, making the country the second biggest jeans fabric producer worldwide. According to the “Denim industry” report from Wazir Advisors, jeans consumption will double in the next five years. Gartex Texprocess India honoured the blue fashion classic with a special event at its latest edition, which ran from 10th to 12th August in New Delhi. The denim show was launched by MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd in cooperation with Denim Association of India (DMA) to give the “forever fabric” a professional platform. Of India’s 51 spinning mills 34 presented at the world’s biggest denim trade show.

The one-day forum “Denim Talks” brought together 99 industry players including fashion brands like Pepe Jeans and Jack & Jones as well as producers like Ginni International and Raymond UCO Denim. The event’s second edition focused on the circularity issue with a series of lectures giving insight into recent industry developments. “The fashion industry is globally perceived as less environmentally friendly and denim manufacturers today must take the lead in embracing sustainability which needs to be imbibed in the entire textile value chain,” says Sharad Jaipura, president of DMA and chairman and managing director at Ginni International. Many possible solutions were showcased at the forum. Commodity supplier Bombay Hemp presented hemp as a more sustainable alternative than conventional cotton while other participants emphasised the importance of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). “Consumers today also want to see a story – where has the garment come from, what processes has it undergone, how has the brand integrated sustainability and so on. Denim is one fabric were reusing it makes it more beautiful and that’s a trend that will stay on,” says Ravikant Prakash, Design Head India at Arvind Ltd.

The next edition of Denim Show at Gartex Texprocess India set to be staged in March 2020 in Mumbai will also take a close look at the future of the denim industry. “The Jeans Redesign” guidelines of Ellen MacArthur Foundation Initiative “Make Fashion Circular” have defined new principles for jeans production that is in harmony with circularity even before the show kicks off.

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