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Industry news: Coronavirus


The Covid-19 virus is continuing to spread. For globally operating trade show organisers this Messe Frankfurt this means they need to monitor the situation carefully and act based on facts, while at all times bearing in mind the health of visitors, exhibitors and other trade show participants.

February 2020

Following the outbreak of the Covid-10 virus in China, more and more cases are now also being reported in Europe. For international trade show organisers like Messe Frankfurt one of the most important tasks is to guarantee the safety and health of its visitors and exhibitors. In order to continue to do so, Messe Frankfurt is in continuous and close contact with health institutions, recommendations and instructions from the authorities are put in place. Specific hygienic measures have been taken in addition to existing medical care. Regarding events outside of Frankfurt am Main, Messe Frankfurt’s subsidiaries are following the recommendations and instructions of local authorities or the respective facility operators.

In order for exhibitors and visitors to make fact-based decisions and not be misled by potentially false information, Messe Frankfurt is directing their attention to the World Health Organization website:

This is also the recommendation from international trade show association UFI. Even though it was of great importance to offer platforms for exchange and cooperation, especially in hard times, it was of even greater importance to safeguard the safety and health of their participants, UFI president Mary Larkin stressed in a statement on the current situation. “When it comes to health, we will rely on the experts in that field, from global bodies like the World Health Organisation but also the national, regional, and local health authorities where we are running exhibitions and events. We will follow their advice to keep participants safe,” said Ms Larkin.

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Website: Safety and security under one roof – the Operation & Security Center in Hall 4 / Precautionary measure: Covid-19


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