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Trade Show: Cinte Techtextil China

China setting pace for high-quality nonwovens

As the world’s largest producer of technical textiles and nonwovens, China’s demand for production machinery is insatiable. Leading international machine manufacturers have also recognised this fact and discovered the country as an attractive trade fair location.

June 2018

And their starting-out platform? Cinte Techtextil China, Asia’s biggest event for the entire technical textiles and nonwovens sector. From 4-6 September, the trade fair, which takes place every two years, is expected to bring together more than 500 exhibitors from around 20 countries and regions – including some of the industry’s biggest overseas machinery brands, especially from the nonwovens and sewing machinery sectors. Awaiting the professional visitors from both China and overseas is a wide range of sourcing options.

While “Made in China” used to be primarily associated with low quality, the People’s Republic is increasingly establishing itself as a pacemaker for high-quality technical textiles and nonwovens. And innovative technologies are forming the necessary foundations for this. “The Chinese market for nonwoven products is by far the largest and fastest growing national market. For example, Chinese manufacturers are no longer satisfied with lower product quality, but want to exceed Western quality levels. The products must now meet stricter customer requirements and legal standards, some of which are significantly higher than other international standards,” said Lena Kachelmaier from the Swiss technology company Oerlikon, which will introduce its spun-bond technology to the Chinese market this year. Austrian company Andritz Nonwoven also sees the growing potential: “Chinese nonwovens manufacturers are increasingly requiring higher capacities and top-class quality for their nonwovens products for local and export markets,” explains Laurent Jallat. “China is the biggest market in terms of installed capacity and shows quite promising potential for the future.”

As well as leading foreign brands, important Chinese machinery manufacturers will also be represented at the fair, including Changshu Weicheng Non-Woven Equipment and Chijiazhuang Textile Machinery.

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