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The renaissance of rooms

The way we furbish the rooms in we live in, spend our time in and work in is becoming increasingly important. The "Home Report 2021" from German think tank Zukunftsinstitut, has revealed the interior design mega trends - trends that can be experienced at Heimtextil from 11th to 14th January 2022.

February 2021

They inspire us, disentangle us and protect us - the rooms that surround us define the way we feel, the way we act and what we aspire to. The way we live and the construction and design of places we spend our days and nights in have become more important in the past years, we are experiencing what seems to be a true renaissance of rooms. The past year, in particular, with its normality of working from home, home schooling and lockdowns, added fuel to the fire of the desire to live in pleasant surroundings. Even though international home and contract textiles trade show Heimtextil had to be postponed to January 2022 because of the Corona pandemic, there is reason enough to take a conscious look at our own four walls. The "Home Report 2021" of Frankfurt-based Zukunftsinstitut gives first insights.

Creating a feeling of space at home. 2021 home trends "Romancing the Balcony" and "Home Suite Home" are two of the mega trends individualisation and safety that bring a holiday feeling to our homes. Balconies turn into harbours of wellbeing and the furnishings of our living spaces reflect the design of hotel concepts. Another mega trend that finds expression in our home sweet home is "New Work". Living and working at home become one in these times of home working, a trend that Zukunftsinstitut believes will last beyond the end of the crisis.

More and more plants and flowers can be found on the patios and in the rooms of our homes, but not only there but also on the materials used in the interior design of our homes, shaped by the mega trend "new ecology". From cradle-to-cradle furniture to antimicrobial surfaces, "hero materials" contribute to making the world a little better. The fabrics and textiles that will mold the interior design of tomorrow will be presented at Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 11th to 14th January 2022.

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