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Interview: Bert Sander, managing partner at Sander GmbH & Co. KG

“Naturalness has many different facets”

Table talk. What makes a tablecloth a good tablecloth and what the prevailing trend is in the home style market at present is what Bert Sander, managing partner at Sander GmbH & Co. KG revealed in an interview. The successful family-owned company will also be present at international trade show Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 7th to 10th January 2020.

December 2019

Dear Mr Sander, which requirements does a tablecloth have to meet?

The requirements a good tablecloth should meet are as varied as its use. Table linen is not only a mere functional product for the dining table, it also serves as a decorative and designing element in any kind of room outside of meal-times. With a laid table in general care properties matter greatly. When it comes to areas like the balcony, terrace or garden, even the conservatory, special properties like light fastness and durability are an issue. It is our opinion that a good tablecloth has to do one thing in particular, it should embellish your surroundings and provide joy!

Once again you will be present at Heimtextil with Sander GmbH & Co. KG again. What are the current trends in the fashion and home style markets?

What comes to my mind spontaneously is the term “naturalness”, which has many different facets. On the one hand it is natural and renewable materials that appeal to customers because of the ongoing discussion about the handling of our earth’s resources. On the other hand, however, it is a natural appearance and natural feel that can without doubt also be achieved by using of man-made fibres and modern finishing processes. But it is also very simply concepts from animal and plant life that play a role.

“Made in Germany” – The lion’s share of Sander’s products is manufactured and processed in Germany. What defines Germany as a production location?

A good production location is characterised mainly by its technological know-how and craftmanship. Due to its dual apprenticeship system, Germany offers exactly that in an excellent way. Then there are the distinctive collaborative vertical structures in the German industry, which are the foundation for highly specialised companies and at the same time allow for flexibility and adaptability during the current economic challenges. Our geographically central position within the European Union provides vicinity to important and highly interesting sourcing and sales markets. And the  diversity and internationality ingrained in a united Europe are a good basis for activities that go beyond the borders of Europe.

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