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Trade Show: IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living

Tradition of the future

Turning old into new. Five architects focused on the issue uplifting in a special exhibition at IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living, which took place in Tokyo from 20th to 22nd November 2019. The Best Buyer’s Choice Award 2019 went to furniture brand Taonta, which breathes new life into traditional blacksmithing.

January 2020

“Never design anything that cannot be made” – Jean Prouve’s words fuel the work of studio Keiji Ashizawa Design. For IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living, that ran from 20th to 22nd November 2019, prize winning architect Keiji Ashizawa showcased inspiring exhibits on upcycling together with other four designers. The special exhibition was part of the Creative Resource Zone, which presented innovative materials and accessories for interior renovating work. Old materials, unusual perspectives, new values – with his work, Keiji Ashizawa translates knowledge of the past into knowledge for modern society, with a focus on socially acceptable methods and environmentally friendly materials.

Young interior brand Taonta, which received the Best Buyer’s Choice Award 2019 at IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living, also gives a future to the past. Hard hammers on hot metal - only few craftsmen still master the art of hammer forging. When an anchor forging factory had to close in 2016 because of the lack of a successor, Sangyo gave the company a new meaning. Without hesitation, the producer of iron machinery took over responsibility for the factory, its premises and workers. The old factory’s 52-year-old anchor forger is now teaching his craftmanship to a new generation, his craftmanship eternalised in the raw, corrugated surface the hammering creates. The designers saw the potential of the old manufacturing craft’s beauty and, in 2018, founded furniture brand Taonta, the Finnish word for forging. From ship anchors to design accessories, the combination of 3D design technologies and precise robotic inspection creates unique products for the modern home.

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