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Trade show: Heimtextil

Space for sustainability

Putting the sustainability trend into practice: the design of the Trend Space at Heimtextil (7 to 10 January 2020) takes a responsible approach to resources. To safeguard this, the trade show and the Trend Council have approved a Material Manifesto.

November 2019

Research, experimentation and the unexpected: the designer duo behind Raw Color works with nature. Mycelium, algae and pine bark are combined with real and imitation leather, jute and wool. Here, rough and organic meet sleek and geometric, resulting in surprising contrasts and a new-found love of nature. "Pure Spiritual" is one of the trends which will be showcased in the Heimtextil Trend Space from 7 to 10 January 2020.

The smallest possible environmental footprint: during the development of the site too, a particular emphasis is being placed on resource management. To this end the trade show organisers in collaboration with the international Trend Council have approved a Material Manifesto. Here, the six principles range from the use of local resources and alternative environmentally-friendly materials to responsible waste management.

In addition, the trade show will be publishing the tenth edition of the Green Directory with a focus on sustainability. This time around 250 businesses are listed – more than ever before.

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