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Materials of the future

Heimtextil is starting a material revolution by presenting its new online tool “Future Materials Library”, a digital library of forward-thinking and sustainable home textile materials. The library gives insight into the work of the industry’s creative heads.

June 2021

How does the planet’s scarcity of resources and the ever-growing mountains of waste in textile production go together? That is a question asked by the curators of London-based design studion FranklinTill, who also present possible solutions in the digital “Future Materials Library” on behalf of Heimtextil Trends. For the first time ever, the library of materials gives insight into the revolutionary approaches of international textiles and home textiles pioneers. “We are transitioning to a materials revolution that will help restore the balance in our relationship to our planet,” says Caroline Till from Studio FranklinTill. From regenerative crops, remade fibres and reusing waste streams to sustainable colours – the library’s trend themes are promising. The platform, which also focuses on innovations and material concepts that have been tested in the field, offers online visitors a wide range of ideas in various stages of development.

With the launch of the “Future Materials Library”, Heimtextil wants to inspire consumers and producers alike and increase interest in the circular model. The textile pioneers mentioned follow the example of energy-efficient cycles of nature to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Most innovations are based on the zero-waste concept like the fibres won by Finnish producers from recycled newspapers, cardboard, wood and textile waste. Japanese companies have come up with the idea of producing sustainable dyes from red cabbage, coffee and Matcha.

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