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Trade Shows: Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA, Home Textiles Sourcing Expo

Virtual summer editions kick off

Digital connections: from 21st to 23rd July 2020, Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo will offer an online platform for sourcing and networking. The trade show programme, including discussions, presentations and seminars, will centre around current industry issues.

July 2020

The Corona pandemic still has a firm grip on the USA. In the middle of July, the number of new infections reached a new record high, when more than 77,000 people contracted the virus within only one day [1]. To allow the textile sourcing industry to get together despite the current situation, Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo have opted for a digital concept. From 21st to 23rd July 2020, participants in the events’ virtual summer editions can discover new products, learn about new trends, analyse them and get inspiration and insights from an extensive trade show programme.

It is about exchanging information and getting into contact with suppliers from all over the world – the virtual editions of the three trade shows will reach an even larger crowd than before. Visitors benefit from the offer of many and varied exhibitors and can use a match-making service based on artificial intelligence. The service recommends and puts the visitor into contact with the right supplier. In addition, online discussions, seminar series and interactive presentations featuring industry experts and mentors focus on current industry issues and there is the possibility for active networking. “Our belief in face-to-face interaction remains constant, but there’s a new normal emerging and we are excited to have found a way to pivot our event to keep our commitment to supporting the industry,” says Jennifer Bacon, Show Director, Fashion and Apparel at Messe Frankfurt North America.

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[1] Johns-Hopkins-Universität, 17 July 2020:



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