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More “us” than “me”

While biding our time until the next edition of Parisian trade shows Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls & Scarves Paris, Texworld Paris, Texworld Denim Paris kick off in February 2021, Messe Frankfurt France has pulled not only one, but two rabbits out of its hat: Trendbook “Égologie” gives insight into the fashion trends of the autumn/winter 2020/21 season and a digital sourcing platform allows buyers and exhibitors to meet in a virtual space.

August 2020

“But it is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeketh to rise into the height and light, the more vigorously do his roots struggle earthward, downward, into the dark and deep—into the evil," Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in 1883. Today, the message is more relevant than ever. Modesty rather than arrogance, mindfulness rather than restlessness, “us” rather “me” – Messe Frankfurt France’s Trendbook der “Égologie” examines the fashion trends of the autumn-winter 20/21 season. Authors Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud took a close look at fashion the show catwalks of the past four years and analysed sociological studies, marketing approaches and creative developments. Egotia, Egolution, Egocide, Egorama – the mood of the future can be broken down to four developments that all have one thing in common: the ego.

“We have rediscovered the pleasure of being us, we are reborn and are moving forward in a strong season full of commitment and positive will,” Messe Frankfurt France art directors Gérin and Lamaud sum up the current developments. New generations, social change, an ethical modern age – the season’s colours reflect a deep longing for regeneration: three highly energetic shades of red are complemented by a powdery pink and contrast a deep green, mustard yellow and celestial blue. A violet “Spectral Neon” addresses digital transformation.

Digitalisation also plays an important role to bridge the time until the coming trade shows take place in February 2021. Messe Frankfurt France has joined forces with Foursource, a specialist in digital textile sourcing solutions, to meet the expectations and needs of the fashion industry. From 1st of September 2020, visitors of the “The Fairyland for Fashion” fairs will have an online souring platform at their disposal - with virtual showrooms, matchmaking services and special requests. More than 15,000 textile and clothing experts have already registered with the digital tool.

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Press release: At the heart of the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 trends for the fashion industry. While waiting for the 2021 trade shows, EGOLOGY to bounce back .

Press release: Messe Frankfurt France is providing a digital platform from September 2020 to support its visitors and exhibitors.

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