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Changing the world together: Messe Frankfurt enters into global cooperation with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships. With the Texpertise Network it provides a platform to exercise influence on the development of the fashion industry and thus come closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

November 2019

1 planet, 10 years, 17 goals - the United Nations has set itself a considerable challenge: it aims to ensure a better and more sustainable future for all. The self-imposed deadline is the year 2030. But what role does the fashion industry have to play in this? A major one: with a global workforce of 75 million and a 4 per cent share of the global waste, the industry must change if the goals are to be achieved.[1] As of now, Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network is therefore backing the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships. The UN Sustainable Development Goals will be integrated in the 50-plus global textile events held every year, which attract more than 22,000 exhibitors and half a million trade visitors – and thus drive positive change.

The New Year will mark the beginning of the ten years remaining to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. From 7 to 10 January, 2020, Heimtextil will provide a far-reaching platform for the cooperation. As the world's largest and most prominent trade show for home and contract textiles, with its interactive stand in the Green Village and panel discussions it will reach 3,000 exhibitors and 65,000 trade visitors. The next stop the following week is Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Berlin's leading sustainable fashion trade show has a vision: to "change fashion together". The Conscious Fashion Campaign was previously showcased at the trade show in January and July 2019.

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[1] Conscious Fashion Campaign (2019)

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Press release: Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network together with Conscious Fashion Campaign and United Nations Office for Partnerships announce global cooperation for the Sustainable Development Goals




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