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Take - Make - Waste?

Mass consumption and its repercussions: what exactly is the problem, and what might be a solution? The Fast Fashion exhibition in Cologne gives an overview of the dark side of fashion. The topic is tackled from the other end in Amsterdam, where the Fashion for Good technology museum shows an exhibition of forward-looking innovations for a more sustainable fashion industry.

October 2018

From catwalk to shop, from prototype to mass-produced article in just a few weeks – where does this fashion come from? Where is it produced, under which conditions and by whom? How can clothing be so cheap? These and other questions are addressed in the touring exhibition “Fast Fashion. Die Schattenseiten der Mode” (Fast fashion. The dark side of fashion) showing at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne from 12 October 2018 to 24 February 2019. The 2013 Rana Plaza disaster - the collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh causing 1135 deaths – captured the attention of the international media. It exposed to the general public the human and environmental costs of mass consumption as well as the complex structures behind the global textile industry.

Is fashion therefore bad per se? The Fashion For Good museum in Amsterdam says otherwise. Since 5 October this year, visitors to the museum have been able to go on a digital “Good Fashion Journey” that provides them with a digital guidebook full of inspiring tips so that they can act in a more sustainable way with regard to fashion. Circular concepts and new technologies within the fashion industry’s value chains – from materials and energy to water – take central stage in the exhibition.

The museum created by the C&A Foundation, C&A, Adidas and PVH Corp. also brings pioneers of the fashion industry together. The goal is to democratise environmentally friendly and socially acceptable innovations and to make them more readily accessible through collaborations. A dress – designed by Stella McCartney and dyed with Colorfix using microorganisms – exemplifies this new, networked way of thinking. After visiting the exhibition, visitors can purchase state-of-the-art articles by top players such as Kings of Indigo, Adidas and Ecoalf in The Good Shop.

The future of fashion will be shown at the Kraftwerk Berlin from 15 until 17 January 2019 during Berlin Fashion Week when the tradeshow Neonyt – the global Hub for Fashion, Sustainability and Innovation – will bring together the leading stakeholders of the industry.

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