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Global textile consumption

April 2018

Global textile consumption continued to grow in 2016. However, the rate of growth decelerated to 1.4 %, from an average of 3.6 % at the beginning of the century, states Swiss consulting agency Fiber Year in its current report. The year 2016 marks a historic milestone: the threshold of 100 million tonnes of textiles was reached for the first time. The textile industry magazine Fiber Year predicts an annual growth of 3 % in the consumption of textiles up to 2022.

The highest growth rates in the next five years are expected in lower middle income countries, including Bolivia, Egypt and India. Growth rates here are expected to rise above 5 % up to 2022. Growth rates in upper middle income nations such as Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, China, Russia and Thailand are expected to reach between 1.5 and 3.5 %. Countries with high incomes, e.g. Australia, Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Italy and the UK lie in-between with a growth of 2.5 %. The magazine derives its data from the study “Textile Per Capita Consumption 2005-2022”.


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