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Transparency in textile supply chains, collaboration and solidarity are all topics that are currently affecting the fashion industry. From 18-22 January, Neonyt will be going “On Air” for a second time. Participants can look forward to a varied line-up on the subject of transparency in the textile and fashion industry – from panel discussions to live interviews and keynotes, all live and digital on Neonyt’s social media channels.

January 2021

2021 – new year, old contact restrictions. Due to the halt of physical trade fairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a real need for alternative concepts to bridge the gap: following a successful online premiere in summer 2020, Neonyt On Air will be entering its second round from 18-22 January on the Neonyt social media channels. Awaiting the community are over a dozen keynotes, interviews and panel discussions with more than 20 experts. As well as the “Presenting Partners” Grüner Knopf, Hessnatur and Oeko-Tex, over 20 international speakers from the fashion and lifestyle industry, politics, IT and finance will also be involved. A particularly important topic this year is transparency within supply chains – from the procurement of the raw materials to the manufacturing down to the final product and the consideration of social, economic and ecological factors. “Especially in times of crisis, it all comes down to showing solidarity and responsibility – also to the people who make our clothes,” says Federal Development Minister Dr Gerd Müller. “I am delighted that Neonyt On Air is giving experts the opportunity to discuss solutions for sustainable textile supply chains. After all, the crisis has shown us that sustainable supply chains are more important than ever.”

The line-up of Neonyt On Air will focus on the power of community, knowledge sharing and synergy effects. Highlights include a panel discussion on transparency in textile supply chains that will also cover the supply chain law currently being discussed in Germany; the live interview “Product is Key – the Timberland 2030 vision for net positivity” with Elisabetta Baronio, Sustainability & Responsibility Manager at Timberland, who will briefly explain the ideas behind the US brand’s sustainability approach; and a personal keynote by Andrea Sybille Eibinger, CEO of Hessnatur, in which she will be focusing on the opportunities that have emerged from the crisis year of 2020: such as the industry’s increasing need for collaboration and the unprecedented display of solidarity it has shown.

Neonyt On Air will be taking place from 18-22 January on Neonyt’s social media channels and no registration is required to participate. You can find the full line-up here.

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