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Trade Show: Neonyt


More exhibitors than ever before, twice as many visitors, an exciting lecture programme and a fashion show packed to the brim. Neonyt, which took place from 14th to 16th January 2020, exceeded even the highest expectations and was the industry’s talking point during Berlin Fashion Week.

January 2020

Sustainability has become a top issue not only in society, but also in all sectors of the fashion industry. This has become obvious in the past months. The question was would this development be reflected at global fashion, sustainability and innovation hub Neonyt? After only a few hours it was evident that the trade show is as strong as ever and was one of the main talking points during Berlin Fashion Week.

Post-trade show figures speak for themselves. Visitor numbers doubled, with more than 210 sustainable brands from 22 countries the number of exhibitors was as high as ever before and the trade show programme, whether it was the fashion show, the Fashionsustain conference, influencer format Prepeek or the party, was thrilling.

The event’s growing significance for conventional retail is also promising. The number of conventional retailers increased more than threefold over the past winter edition. Companies like Breuninger, C.J. Schmidt, Dodenhof, Engelhorn, Garhammer, Katag, KONEN, Kaiser Mode, Polozek and Ramelow were present as well as Amazon and Zalando. An on-site survey shows that a total of 96% of visitors were very satisfied with their visit to Neonyt.

“So far, we have been thrilled by every edition of Neonyt. And now we have again made a significant leap. Together with the brands, the buyers and all fashion industry players, who have enriched Neonyt with their contributions over the past days and have turned Neonyt into hotspot number one. The intention and necessity, but also the passion to achieve more sustainability is clearly noticeable in every aspect”, says Olaf Schmidt, vice president Textiles and Textile Technology at Messe Frankfurt.

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