Neonyt in the FFW Studio 2021
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Trade Show: Neonyt

Changing the Game

There are new rules in the world of fashion, but it is the brands and community, who will have to set them together. There will be opportunity galore for that at the next edition of Neonyt, which will run from 18th to 22nd January as part of Frankfurt Fashion Week.

August 2021

In the future, fashion is meant to serve as an interface between design and sustainability, inclusion and digitalisation, responsibility and technology and diversity and conformity. Because the past months and the Covid-19 pandemic have shown us that the industry simply cannot continue as usual. Pollution, climate change and the lack of transparency along the textile supply chain are only a few examples of issues that have existed for a long time. Change is needed and a platform for change is Neonyt, the international hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation, which will take place in Frankfurt from 18th to 22nd January 2022.

Rethink, change and improve. Fashion is self-promotion, it creates identity, makes statements and represents socially relevant issues. The needs and behaviour of consumers is changing just as company structures are changing. This means that the fashion industry will inevitably have to be inclusive, agile, digital and socially just in the future. The importance of circularity is also on the rise and plays a central role when it comes to products, the industry and society as a whole - because used clothing can be a lot more than just waste. Used clothing can be kept in a closed loop as a resource for recycling and upcycling. So, from now on, the motto is also to go phygital instead of physical or digital. Digital fashion, virtual avatars and the simulation of material properties and growing strongly. An aspect that can also contribute to building a more sustainable world and a healthier climate. Whether it the shipment of samples by mouse click, maintaining international business relationships or reducing waste by digitalising fashion - glocalisation and technologising are making it possible. Considering, however, that physical meetings will always play a vital role, it becomes evident that the future will have to be phygital.

The next edition of Neonyt will be staged as part of Frankfurt Fashion Week. Neonyt will launch a new agenda for the occasion and will bring the sustainable fashion community together again from 18th to 22nd January 2022 in its role as trade show, conference and platform for exchange, business, content and services and with new formats for fabrics, sourcing, technologies and the entire value chain to create a foundation for all the chances and challenges that will emerge in the post Covid-19 era.


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