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Trade Show: NEONYT

The change of fashion is now

Neo. Nytt. Neonyt. Messe Frankfurt is launching a neo-new tradeshow concept: Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation (from 15-17 January 2019). The hub is taking over from the former trade fair duo Ethical Fashion Show and Greenshowroom. And the whole fashion curation aspect is shifting even more into the focus.

October 2018

The change of fashion is now. With Neonyt, Messe Frankfurt is launching a global hub concept for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Neonyt’s first edition will be debuting on 15 January 2019 at Kraftwerk Berlin. The new business and communication platform is made up of the Neonyt Trade Fair, the Fashionsustain by Messe Frankfurt and #Fashiontech by Premium Group conferences and the design-thinking format Thinkathon, the Neonyt Fashion Show, showcases, the influencer and blogger event Prepeek, networking events and last but not least, the Neonyt Party. Neonyt is therefore combining business, inspiration, knowledge, fun and community in a neo-new way.

“Neonyt is a place where professionals can meet and engage in valuable dialogue. We bring products and contents together with people and organisations so they can each increase their innovative potential. Global hub Neonyt also draws on the know-how of Messe Frankfurt’s international ‘Texpertise Network’ with over 50 trade fairs, around 22,500 exhibitors and more than half a million visitors worldwide,” explains Show Director Thimo Schwenzfeier. The hub is taking over from the trade fair duo Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show. The self-coined name Neonyt is derived from the Ancient Greek word “neo” (which means new and revolutionary in English) and the Scandinavian word “nytt” (which also means new). “The renewed new” – Neonyt is a synonym for the fundamental transformation process of the fashion and textile industry.

With the new direction, the whole fashion curation aspect is shifting even more into the focus. From a fashion perspective, the selection and curation of the brands, both for the Neonyt Trade Fair as well as the Neonyt Fashion Show, are set to become even more progressive and focused in the future.

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