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Trade Show: Neonyt

Breathing new life into Berlin

In 2020, Neonyt will be dedicated to a thing that concerns all of us: air. From 14th to 16th January, former Tempelhof airport will turn into a hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation showing Best Practice brands and offering exciting discussions.

October 2019

Between 20th and 27th September 2019, around four million people took to the streets for the “Global Climate Strike”[1]. The goal is to stop climate change, create consciousness and force politicians to take responsibility. Greenhouse gases are accelerating global warming and the textile industry plays a part in this process by accounting for 10% of global carbon footprint [2]. For this reason, Neonyt has decided to make “air” its main topic for 2020. From 14th to 16th January 2020, the trade show will showcase brands dedicated to sustainable fashion at former Tempelhof airport. In addition, with its “Fashionsustain” conference, Neonyt will create a stage for discussions about issues relevant to the future.

The issues air and carbon footprint within the fashion industry will be closely looked at under various aspects. The production of fashion produces large amounts of carbon dioxide. Like the air itself, the Cloud and Virtual Fashion are not visible, but they offer new possibilities to increase efficiency. Performance Wear is being produced for increasingly extreme weather conditions. Often, the connection between fashion and air can be detected only at second glance, but for the fashion industry, politics and society alike its consideration is unavoidable.

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