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Trade Show: Neonyt

Better together

Economic losses, injustices in textile supply chains, redundancies – the fashion world has faced a number of tough challenges in the year 2020. But amid the crisis, opportunities and topics like glocalisation, collaboration, diversity and digitalisation – and of course sustainability – are thriving and will define the future of the industry.

December 2020

Our passion for fashion shouldn't come at the expense of others – that should go without saying, but the reality is unfortunately very different. Although words like social and ecological sustainability are cropping up more and more in the fashion industry, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and its far-reaching consequences, the year 2020 is drawing attention to all the problems and shortcomings that already exist. But it doesn't have to be like that: under the motto “Together. Now and here.”, Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation, is sending out a signal with the digital “Neonyt On Air” format from 18-22 January 2021 and showing that the fashion industry can make long-lasting changes – provided that everyone pulls together. The Neonyt community can look forward to a variety of different content: including the keynote by Hessnatur about solidarity and the panel talk by Oeko-Tex on transparency in textile supply chains.

More fairness in fashion: Back in summer 2018, Neonyt joined forces with fair fashion label Hessnatur to launch Fair Fashion Move, a movement for more fairness in fashion. Common interests are reinforcing the close collaboration: Hessnatur was also represented at “Neonyt On Air” in summer 2020 and showed its support for the #fairbylaw campaign and the introduction of a supply chain law with a video initiative. Values and beliefs that have already been firmly established in the fair fashion industry for a while have become increasingly important in recent times: taking responsibility, forging international partnerships, maintaining a balance between global processes and local needs. All of which are also a matter of course for Neonyt exhibitor and longstanding partner Lanius: the fair fashion brand is committed to strong partnerships and has its collections produced in countries such as Portugal, Lithuania, Turkey and Bulgaria. It all comes down to responsibility and transparency – and, thanks to regular visits, the label knows every production facility well: “For us, face-to-face contact and good relations are by far the most important success factors when it comes to the production of unique, high-quality textiles,” says Claudia Lanius, the label’s founder.

Glocalisation, collaboration, diversity and digitalisation are all key topics that were omnipresent in the fashion industry this year. The sustainable fashion community has always led by example and proven that the fashion industry can also be sustainable, fair and supportive. That's why we are starting 2021 true to the motto: “Together. Now and here.” – for a better fashion future.

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