Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom
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Trade show: Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom

Creativity is required

No trade shows is not the answer: Covid-19 continues to undermine the plans of most event organizers in winter 2020/21. Messe Frankfurt France has therefore come up with an alternative creative concept and invites selected visitors to discover the latest industry trends at the event Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom in the heart of Paris from 1–5 February 2021.

December 2020

Lockdowns, curfews and contact restrictions – due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many trade shows cannot be organised in the usual way. Creativity is therefore required! Messe Frankfurt France has come up a way to still offer an experience for visitors: From 1–5 February 2021, invited designers and buyers will come together at the event Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom, held at the Atelier Richelieu in the heart of Paris. There they can explore the ranges of selected exhibitors from Apparel Sourcing, Avantex, Leatherworld and Texworld Paris. Naturally, compliance with strict hygiene rules will be ensured.

Trend Forum and Library: both main areas of the event will provide inspiration for the visitors. The Trend Forum will showcase textiles and apparel for the spring collections 2022, while the Library has thousands of fabric samples to discover. While only the participants will be on location, with digital tools everyone can contact the manufacturers directly for information or to request samples. "Le Showroom is the first international professional textile event to be held in Paris within a year and offers a new way of organizing fashion sourcing," explains Frédéric Bougeard, President of Messe Frankfurt France. "I am pleased that my team was able to draw on their experience to develop an elegant solution to meet the expectations of clients at this unique time." Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom is thus an innovative solution to the current crisis, which helps strengthen the industry networks and build anticipation for the trade shows in summer 2021.

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