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Interview: Saydou Bangoura, CEO and founder of The Brand Show Circular

Combining the best of both worlds

Many trade shows had to be cancelled or postponed this year because of the Corona pandemic. Some trade shows came up with digital solutions as did Neonyt. Exhibitors and visitors to Neonyt were able to exchange information through B2B marketing and ordering platform The Brand Show Circular even though there was no physical event. Saydou Bangoura, CEO and founder of The Brand Show Circular, tells us in an interview what the trade show of the future will look like.

July 2020

Dear Mr Bangoura, The Brand Show Circular has helped Neonyt exhibitors to bridge the suspension of trade shows caused by Corona. What do you think will the trade show of the future look like?

The trade show of the future will be a fusion of the physical and digital worlds. Trade shows will turn into platforms that combine the best of both worlds all year round. A physical trade show is personal, emotional, event-like, haptic. The strengths of a digital trade show lie with the gathering and processing of information, an implementation of processes that is more effective and constant availability. A trade show will become more of a community, which keeps in touch with its network by creating content and digital events all year round. We are happy about the cooperation with Neonyt and are organising the digital part on The Brand Show Circular with Neonyt exhibitors. Let us hope that the physical trade show will return soon.

Phygital trade shows, meaning trade show with both physical and digital concepts, complement the current trade show offer. How can exhibitors and buyer profit from phygital events?

Exhibitors profit from digital trade shows because they can reach buyers all year round and make new contacts. The constant visibility of digital trade shows means constant storytelling and communication and building of brand image. Buyers basically have the advantage of getting lots of information about products and brands they can compare. In the end, the amount of qualified information provided allows buyers to make better buying choices.

The Brand Show Circular is a B2B marketing and ordering platform focused on sustainable fashion. How are sustainability and digitalisation connected when it comes to sustainability?

Sustainability benefits from digitalisation because of its fast flow of information and more effective long-distance interactions. The classic ordering process using paper and pens is a thing of the past, also, expensive look books no longer need to be printed and sent by post. Tools like our live meetings and digital presentations of products making it possible for buyers to place their orders right away can save at least some travelling expenses. Lastly, sustainable brands benefit from networking on a common platform that never stops, thus providing a forum to the sustainability issue all year round.

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