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Interview: Linda Leopold, Head of AI Policy, H&M Group


Good for the customer, for the planet and for business: The H&M Group uses artificial intelligence to predict what the market needs and to thus conserve resources. In doing so it prioritises a responsible approach to data security. Linda Leopold, Head of AI Policy at the H&M Group, reveals how AI is transforming the fashion industry.

October 2019

Linda Leopold, you are the Head of AI Policy at the H&M Group. What do artificial intelligence and fashion have in common? 

Artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool to make the fashion industry better in many ways. We are for example using AI to predict what our customers want, to be able to better align supply and demand. This is great for the customer, for the planet and for our business – it’s really a win-win-win.

H&M Group just partnered up with The Renewal Workshop to save damaged garments with a Restore Collection. What opportunities arise through “new technologies” in the area of sustainability?

To reach our vision of becoming fully circular, we need new technological innovations in many areas. I am leading our work within Responsible AI, and a big part of that is to continuously explore new ways of using AI to reach our sustainability goals.

Since the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are concerned about data security. What does a responsible digitalisation look like?

Just as important as using AI to do good, is to actively avoid causing any unintentional harm when working with AI. Data security, privacy, fairness and transparency are some of our guiding principles. We have created an assessment list for Responsible AI that all our AI projects need to pass – and we aim to make the ethical questions top of mind for everyone working with AI at H&M Group.

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