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Trade Show: Texworld Evolution Paris - Le Showroom

Inspired by nature

Everybody wants to get out! Last year, many people experienced a growing desire for nature. The fashion industry is addressing the longing to be close to nature, as demonstrated by Émergence. The spring 2022 trend book will be presented from 1st to 5th February 2021 at Texworld Evolution Paris - Le Showroom.

January 2021

Back to nature is the motto not only for those, who have sought comfort in nature during the pandemic, but also of the fashion industry. What exactly that looks like will be revealed at Texworld Evolution Paris - Le Showroom from 1st to 5th February 2021 in the heart of Paris at Atelier Richelieu. The event has art directors Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamau on board with the lastest trends for 2022. Following trend books "Contre-Temps" and "Egologie", the trilogy will now be completed by the inspiring trend book "Émergence" for the spring/summer 2022. The trend book pays tribute to nature and is based on the four amazing mystical cities of Atlantis, Zion, Metropolis and Babylon.

Inspiration comes from breathtaking locations that went down in history. "Atlantis The Conqueror" takes us to a place where the surf crashes and underwater treasures can be found. The theme focuses on a range of colours from the sea, soft greens and blues reflect a maritime nature. "Radiant Zion" stands for a holy country and the origin of utopia with powdery earth tones as well as colours from the sun and sky. Urban life and nature clash at "Carnal Metropolis" as demonstrated by the contrast between hard colours and soft hues combined with technical materials. "Babylon Blossoming" is dedicated to Generation Z, the clothing is based on realistic visions of the world in a genuinely "jungelesque", a radical, but always positive kind of way. Those admiring the more that 100 select samples on display in a spectacular exhibition at Atelier Richelieu's Trend Forum, can dream of letting themselves be carried away to these special places – after a year full of wanderlust.

At Texworld Evolution Paris from 1st to 5th February 2021, visitors can get inspiration from these and other themes during their assigned time slots, naturally in strict accordance with hygiene regulations.

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