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Industry news: Organic cotton consumption

Green prospects for organic cotton

The global consumption of organic cotton is on the rise and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Large swathes of arable land worldwide are currently being converted to organic farming, which could massively increase the volume of organic cotton being cultivated in the near future.

November 2018

From the niche into the future – the demand for organic cotton and the supply of prospective farmland is growing. According to the Organic Cotton Market Report recently published by the NGO Textile Exchange, the consumption of organic cotton has increased by 10% since 2016. In 2017 therefore, 117,525 tons of organic cotton was processed. This is just one per cent of the total amount of cotton being processed worldwide. Nonetheless, the report indicates very promising future prospects: at present, eighteen countries are growing organic cotton on 473,000 hectares. But around 215,000 hectares of farmland, eighty per cent of it in India, are currently being converted to organic farming. In the near future therefore, there will be a lot more farmland available for cultivation.

India, Pakistan, China, Tanzania and Turkey are currently the most important suppliers of organic cotton, while C&A, H&M, Tschibo, Inditex and Nike are processing the greatest volumes of it. The future expansion of farmland could provide a far wider range for the organic fibre and thus help it make the leap from niche to mainstream product.

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