Anita Tillmann & Detlef Braun  Managing Partner Premium Group & Geschäftsführer Messe Frankfurt
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Trade Show: Frankfurt Fashion Week

The Future of Fashion in Frankfurt

Forward-looking, sustainable, modern – that is the direction Frankfurt Fashion Week will be taking in its new home in the city on the River Main from 5-9 July 2021. On board as presenting partner: Conscious Fashion Campaign (CFC) in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP). And to ramp up the sustainability credentials even further, alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will also be a prerequisite for all exhibitors by 2023. As well as the new Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit by CFC, an innovative tradeshow format and events throughout the entire city will become part of the Fashion Week ecosystem.

December 2020

The future of the fashion industry has already begun – and from 5-9 July 2020, all key players who wish to propel the development of a future-oriented fashion and textile industry will be coming together in the metropolis on the Main. To send out a signal for more sustainability in fashion, the initiators of Frankfurt Fashion Week – Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group – have been able to get an important presenting partner on board: Conscious Fashion Campaign (CFC), which is collaborating with the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP). Central aspects of the partnership include the further development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the fashion industry and helping to guide the sector into the 'Decade of Action'. “Frankfurt Fashion Week aims to play a crucial role in finding solutions for macrosocial challenges and supporting the goals of international politics such as the European Green Deal. The fashion and textile industries are also expected to be climate-neutral by 2050. If we want to achieve this, we all need to pull together,” says Detlef Braun, CEO of Messe Frankfurt.

“Given its global reach, the fashion industry is uniquely positioned to collaborate and engage on the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular on climate action and responsible production and consumption,” said Annemarie Hou, Acting Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Partnerships, in a welcome address from New York during the press conference on 2 December 2020. The integration of the SDGs into the fashion and lifestyle community plays an important role in the overall sustainable concept of Frankfurt Fashion Week, which is why they will be a prerequisite for all exhibitors and partners from 2023. During a one-day Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit presented by Conscious Fashion Campaign, topics like gender equality, clean water, climate protection and their significance for a forward-looking fashion industry will be examined in greater depth.

Denim meets Generation Y meets high street: to help drive forward the transformation of the fashion industry, Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group are contributing their individual strengths and joining forces to establish a new tradeshow format. 'The Ground' is a hybrid business-to-people (B2P) format that will showcase iconic brands. “We are creating a platform that will orchestrate industry-wide change. With this as our inspiration, we are also developing our tradeshow formats from a ‘marketplace of products’ to a ‘marketplace of purpose and ideas’,” explains Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the Premium Group. The Ground will be held together with the B2B trade fairs Premium, Seek and Neonyt at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds from 6-8 July 2021.

In addition to the tradeshows and the new Summit, the event’s line-up will also include events like SKTWK (Skateweek), runway shows at the Festhalle venue and other locations around Frankfurt. Conferences, awards and events by several big publishing houses will also be part of the holistic ecosystem that is being created with Frankfurt Fashion Week.  
Restart in Frankfurt with new concepts and innovative ideas: In July 2021, the mix of fashion, lifestyle, inspiration, sustainability and digitalisation will be bringing a future and purpose-oriented community together in the fashion metropolis of Frankfurt – and creating a space for everyone who wants to be involved in the future of the fashion industry.

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