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Industry news: Ikea x Mud Jeans

From Jeans to Couch

Interior meets fashion: International furniture retailer Ikea teams up with sustainable fashion pioneer MUD Jeans to create two sustainable sofa covers using recycled jeans.

April 2021

Two companies which couldn't be more different use their synergies for further sustainability: The furniture store Ikea has joined forced with the Dutch label MUD Jeans to make two new denim covers for the Ikea classic, the Klippan sofa. The new covers comprise 60 percent organic cotton and 40 per cent recycled jeans – the equivalent of two pairs of jeans per cover. Bleaching, dyeing, washing: denim production uses vast amounts of water, produces tons of carbon dioxide and releases toxic chemicals. But using recycled materials, each cover helps save 27,000 litres of water and reduces carbon emissions by around 67 percent.

"The collaboration exemplifies how two companies who advocate the introduction of a circular economy can team up to speed up this transition. The partners are sharing part of this journey in order to minimise waste and reduce their environmental impact," states Kim Steuerwald, Public Relations Leader at Ikea. MUD Jeans has been committed to the circular economy since its foundation in 2012 and is a pioneer in the industry. To make their jeans, MUD use only organic cotton and recycled organic cotton. In just the last four years, this has helped save 533 million litres of water, reduced the carbon footprint by 1.5 million kilos and recycled 20,000 pairs of jeans. Ikea aims to achieve a circular economy by 2030 by making its products exclusively from renewable and recycled materials.

The denim pioneer MUD Jeans is a regular exhibitor at Neonyt, the potent international platform for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Titled Start Collaborating Now, Neonyt's Fashionsustain Conference will address topics and innovations that broker synergies and cooperative ventures between companies. The next edition of Neonyt will be held for the first time in Frankfurt as part of Frankfurt Fashion Week and will showcase the latest industry developments in sustainability and innovative materials from 6–8 July 2021.

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